Why Do The Ladies Love To Annoy Guys?


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Judith (Irish Faerie Blessings) Kreindel Profile
Haha LOL. Well, I imagine that can equally go both ways. If a particular woman is doing a particular action that annoys you, either confront (kindly) and address the behavior or perhaps don't hang around them any more? :)
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lost answered
Well dude that means from my personal experience they like you or they are just messing with your mind! Because girls can be girls and boys can be boys. But girls think like pony and dolls and boys think girls ands football. Dude please make this good answer! Thanks Ps:your awesome!
JuliAnne/ Genuine Guidance Profile
Annoy in what way?
John Chilberg Profile
John Chilberg answered
They think it will make us like them better. Girls, here's a tip. It doesn't work.
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I am Life..... answered
Is not only the case that woman always annoys a man, well the fact here is that anyone if, in a relationship or wanting to get into one, will react in this way if they both know that they both like each other. This makes them fell and think that they will have more attention from the other one, sometimes they show attitude for no reasons as, as human we love to be pampered, asked in a caring way for the reason behind that kind of behaviour. And here is the answer and its not always true that only woman does this. I have seen guys behaving in this manner as well. And it varies from person to person.....
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Rosa Peace answered
Yea women annoy men, men annoy woman O_O we talk and talk and talk , it annoys you, you don't talk and don't talk and don't talk, it annoys us. Everyone talks aboout how annoying women are because MEN rule this world, if woman did .. Men would be known as  the annoying ones
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We just do
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Becuz they can't stand the fact that we can be happy without them.

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