I'm 45 year's old, bald, bad-tempered and unsuccessful in love. What can I do to improve my sex appeal with the ladies?


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Hey there,

Sorry to hear you are unsuccessful in love, but at 45, you are still young! You have lots to look forward to. Buy a nice flowery shirt and wear a good cologne. Worked for me! I had to really push towards my raging polygamy, but it was worth it in the end!

Maybe invest in a wig - like a huge 70s 'fro - if you are feeling particularly insecure about your baldness. As for your anger management issues, just try to breath when under stress, and stay away from expensive equipment like MacBooks, iPads and Kindles for fear of destructive outbursts.

Hope this helps,

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Your in danger of becoming a grumpy old git,no do the ladies a favour and keep to yourself,
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Tony Newcastle
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I gave you one, Hilary.
Hilary Newton
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Karen commented
Agreed.....still I have to ask why he has such a bad temper and what sets it off? Maybe when he's mad, he ought to expend that energy on some wild sex...then who cud b mad at him???? Just wondering!!
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Stop being so bad tempered I think is a good start. 8)
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Mark Harley
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Good point Addilynn .. But not so easy to change. Could be it's a vicious circle I'm stuck in here!
Tony Newcastle
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Q: How many Ninja Points does Mark Harley have to earn, Addilynn, before he becomes socially admissable... ??
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Make a LOT of money and buy a Harley!
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Advertise anonymously in your local paper for an ideal mate. You may get some crackpots but you may also get some genuinely nice ladies.
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Um...um...um.....bad tempered...that's NOT good....
Bald....who cares?? Now what about your manliness?? Many women are turned on by a rather large male tool. If this is YOUR case, you could take pictures of yourself with some notation and put it out on your local craigslist....hey, just a suggestion.
Otherwise, if the tool ain't advertisable then just try smiling and talking to women. Go places and do things that you are interested in and maybe you'll get lucky and see a gal in the same local...but my best advice and NOT to pick one up in a bar.....cause trust me, that will get old quick and you'll fly off the handle when you realize how stupid, slutty and useless that chick is......
Also don't worry if you don't find a companion....I have given up....I like myself and I am pretty fun to live with...I don't NEED anyone messing that up!!  Good luck....
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Become a pastry chef.
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If you're out of shape, you could hop on the treadmill and get in shape.
And financial support will always attract women :)
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Well anger doesn't attract women. Being "bald" isn't the same as having a shaven head. Because those look good on guys sometimes. You still have time, date around, be yourself, and have fun<3
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Did you know sex has same effect on body as eating big amounts of (link to pornsite deleted)

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