I'm Scared To Have Sex And I Am 19 Years Old, What Should I Do?


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A relationship isn't about sex. It's about trust and honesty. Get to know the person first. If all he wants is sex then he's not right for you anyway. Stay strong. The first guy you're with will be in your mind for a long time. I'm proud of you.
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Don't worry about it I am 18 years old and during the past two serious relationships that I had I felt incredibly pressurized into having sex, even doing other things with them I felt slightly used and dirty because I was doing everything they wanted me to because I felt bad about not giving in and having sex. I've been with a new man for 9 months and although thats way less than half of the time I spent with my  previous boyfriends I have never once felt pressured into doing anything I don't want to do. If your self conscious about your body and your partner seeing it or your unable to talk openly with your partner then sex is not a priority or necessity in your relationship. I'm a virgin and although most people my age would penalise me for sustaining its made me more relationship aware and iv began to build a stronger connection with my new partner. I'd like to have sex when I am ready but I will never let a man force me into it to become a conquest and forgettable quick lay. Respect yourself and others will respect you and your strength of character. Best wishes
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You are a strong growing woman who is doing what God would want you to do... If the guy loves you...it should and would not be a problem for him to respect you and wait. If its true love he will wait till you are married and ready.. Don't give in...God has something special for you.
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Hey hun. You'll be fine. If you don't want to have sex, then dump that guy's a** and find a decent one. Do not let your experience with only one or a few guys ruin your dating experience. If you DO ever decide to have sex with someone special though, don't worry about it. It is REALLY easy. They guy will do most of the work... You never get into positions or anything for a while. But if you don't want to do it, then definitely don't let any jerk pressure you into it.
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Don't worry, keep calm, ure 19 so it should be time you hve sex now, just have it wid a stranger an you would feel better at first, jus don't worry about it, I had sex when 1 was 17,
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Be confident that you can do it.There really is nothing to be scared about just when the time is right just do what you think you should do, you can't mess up. I was scared when I first did it but once you've done it you feel stupid for being scared.
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If he cheats on you now what do you think will happen when you give in? When you are ready you will know, let love bloom you should never do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. This is a sign telling you it is not meant to be.
God Bless there is better fish in the sea.
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You need to find someone who won't pressure you! Just because you are nineteen doesn't mean you should be sleeping around. You should stay pure until marriage. You aren't ready now. The guys you are dating obviously do NOT respect you! They don't deserve you. The right guy will come. Just wait.
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I have the same thing going on, my boyfriend had already cheated on me once since I havent had sex with him. Jesus doesn't want it to happen, and so why we arent doing it. Be strong, and reading all this made me understand how much of a waste of time my boyfriend is. Good luck.
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Hey there I am in the same boat as you,
But like every one says, when the time is right you will know. You have your whole life ahead of you as do I :)

Sex isn't everything and guys like it when you are a virgin trust me,  I've worked as an exotic dancer and it  makes men chase you even more. Be proud of your self for being able to controll your self and not just force your self to doing it even though it appears everyone else is doing it.

Hope this helps
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You are young and still don't understand what it is to have sex. Any respectful guy will give you all the time you need before entering into sexual relations. Hear from a person that has been there done that. Men just like to chase tail and sow their wild oats. If a guy is in love with you he will respect you and not force himself on to you. Remember...Sex is not Love. Love is in the Heart and Soul of one who cares for another no matter what problems he or she faces daily... When you have been with someone sexually attracted, you will not like it and will feel hurt, if later the guy leaves you. Believe me this goes both for men or women...You will know when Mr. Right enters into your life and ''GIVES YOU ALL DUE RESPECT ABOUT YOUR OWN BODY''...Go slow and spend many days with the person before making a commitment...Best Wishes

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You are doing the right thing my not having sex at your age. You are too young anyway. There is no need to rush into this. Who cares what he thinks since he obviously doesn't really care about you anyway.
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If you don't want to do it then don't do it. If the guy still is pressuring you then he is not the right on.
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Just don't do it until you are ready...this is not the right guy for you if he can't wait. The right guy would. He obviously just wants to have sex. I suggest you dup him! Good luck!!
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A relationship is not about sex.Sex isn't a job it's just a feeling which arouses when you see someone of opposite sex you lik and you naturally do it. You don't have to be scared .moreover it's always not necessary to have sex  with your partner.
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Baby girl all I can say is follow your first mind cause it's a lot of disease's going around so you doing real good if you ask me I wish I would have waited but no I wanted to be grown and I ran away from home and started having sex at the age of 15 so just be careful and follow your first mind so if you ask me you are doin good so keep your head up lil sis and stay focus yall

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