Why Do So Many People Tend To Say That Virginity Is Precious And Needs To Be Saved?


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Ok, your body was made to be whole when you get married. Not taken advantage of or abused. It may sound like old school, but many girls should understand why their bodies are precious. It may be a very small percentage, but i know some men like myself think a lady who keeps herself for marriage is more commendable and respected. You seem to be a beautiful lady, respect yourself. It depends on that (respect your body). Thank you.
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Thank you, I am a virgin and I do respect my body. I don't plan on just giving myself away to someone I feel doesn't deserve me. I just wanted to know why so many people talk about virginity the way they do. I know so0o0o0o many people that don't care about that at all, some who think it's stupid, so it gets hard sometimes.
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I think that as long as you are in a loving relationship and use protection, there is nothing wrong with having sex. The problem that many young ladies face is that they have sex too early with the wrong guy. Later, they wish that they could take it back. As long as you are smart about it, there is nothing wrong with it. Also, be picky! You deserve only the best guys that treat you right and love you for who you are! There are a lot of guys (add girls) out there who will date someone just to get them into bed.
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I had sex before I was married (granted I married the guy I had sex with 5 months later), and I'm not berating myself for doing so.  It all comes down to what you believe.  I felt it was right to have sex at the time I did, and I don't regret it.  You just have to be sure of yourself and what you want, and when you feel the time is right, well then go with your feelings.  It doesn't mean that you don't respect yourself, in fact I think it means quite the opposite.  I believe it means that you respect yourself enough to say no when you mean no, and when you do say yes you're totally comfortable with that person and yourself enough to do so.

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Hey without venturing into the god department of this issue !!  I think virginity ain't so important a lil bit of experience counts more for me !!  I cant talk for anyone else i lost my virginity to my wife before we got married and she wasn't a virgin  first time for me wasn't that good few weeks later was best ever sex like a soul to soul meeting guess that took my feelings further i wanted to be with her for life !!!   And these folks who wait are missing out on so much !!  Yeah theres std's and aids these days but as long as you use protection  i don't think  there's any harm in experiencing the joys of the flesh ??
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Dunno, why people think virginity is so important. I personally don't get it. I guess it depends on how you view sex. In my opinion sex isn't anything holy or unique and it certainly doesn't have to be about love. It's about making yourself and others feel good. As simple as that. Of course you have to be careful about pregnancy and diseases...
What is it with guys still being respected if they have sex and girls getting frowned upon?! Geez...

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In the bible it says your body is a temple and that you should keep it holy. Like your body is a gift and you shouldn't give it away! Only give it away to someone who truly loves you, once you are married to them.
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Well some people (mostly christians) it is important because in then 10 Commandments, God says not to commit adultery (aka-same your body for your husband/wife)

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