Why is it that many people say that love is wonderful but sometimes it ends up hurting you? And why do people continue to get hurt (in love) over avoid getting hurt?


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Love is wonderful because you get to be with the people you care about, are attracted to, and like. There are so many things that you can look forward to happening and doing together with your significant other when you're in love. Plus you just get that giddy feeling that makes the world shine a little bit brighter.

What makes it hurt is the disappointment we feel when we're in love. Our expectations may fall short and we find ourselves feeling disappointed, jealous, and/or betrayed. You have so much to commit to and you have to think outside of yourself which may be difficult for others.

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Because to love requires vulnerability,  an investment of emotion and time, so if the other person ends the relationship when you still want it, then it can hurt. You have many memories and intimacies which made you feel loved and excepted. If that person no longer wants to be with you, then you can feel rejected.

Still life is about risk, to love and be loved, to know that kind of intimacy. To witness yourself mirrored in another and to observe them. It is entertaining, fun and full of learning. You will learn more about yourself in a relationship, than being on your own, sometimes the lessons are painful, no one likes to see their faults, but if you are humble enough it can lead to growth.

Just remember not to solely rely on another for your happiness, that must come from within. If you can generate your own happiness and be secure in who you are then you will not burden another with your dependency. It is when you start blaming another or thinking that they are responsible for your wellbeing problems occur. Do not get into a relationship where you think you can change a person. If you are thinking that then they are not the person for you.

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