Is It Being Selfish If You Get An Abortion?


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I myself don't believe in abortions, and think it is a selfish act to have one, but I am not here to judge you
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Right On mama bear :) I give you a wow .. But im not sure it will bring this rating up.. LOL I await the backlash from my answer
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I think it's wrong, and a poor choice. Adoption is always an option.
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I believe in a woman's right to choose, but I also feel that women should be responsible for their actions.  Abortion shouldn't be a matter of convenience.  There are ample forms of reliable contraception available (including abstinence) to help avoid pregnancy.  None are 100% foolproof, but if all precautions were taken, and an unwanted pregnancy still occurs, I see no selfishness on the part of the woman.  If a woman becomes pregnant due to rape or incest or her life and/or health are at risk, abortion is not a selfish act.  
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It depends. I mean if you wanted to get abortion for a real reason, then it's not selfish. But if you just want to get rid of the baby for no reason, then it's very selfish and cruel.
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Everyone has their own reasons for getting an abortion...I think the biggest reason that young women get an abortion is because of fear...."What will my parents think"? "What will my family and friends think"? "How will I raise this child"? Motherhood is a very scary thing. You have a big responsibility there...That child relays on YOU for everything it needs....Wow...How scary....but very rewarding. You teach it it's first words...He takes his first step----he's so excited! He is wobbling to his Momma's arms, and your both laughing...Then you catch him when he stumbles...That's what motherhood is.....We catch them when they stumble...My daughter 'stumbled' and became pregnant when she was still a teen, but I always loved her and was there to always catch her when she'd fall down...Motherhood is a life time position...Even when our children are no longer children...She was scared to tell us...but it was 'okay'...A parents LOVE is matter WHAT, WE love our children...Your parents are the best ones to help you when your in, cyndi
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If the mothers life is in danger or if its rape or incest than that is a generally acceptable reason for abortion.  Other than that.. Personal accountability.   Adults and anyone who believes they are old enough to be having sex needs to understand the possible consequences of sex which is Pregnancy.. If one is unable to handle that possibility they should reconsider sex.  Murdering unborn children due to an irresponsible act is not in my opinion acceptable.  There are many many people who desperately want to adopt.. Adoption is a very viable alternative.. Many people say things like.. But having a child right now would ruin my life.. Well I'm sorry to be the voice of truth but that is a thought that should have prevailed before the 20 minute hormonal rush kicked in.
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The reasons for having an abortion are deep and personal. If you are doing what you think is best for both you and your child then no, I do not believe it is selfish.
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First off, I think that abortion still is not okay just because the woman was raped. When a girl does it for personal reasons, its selfish. But if she was raped its alright. NOT!! Regardless if she was raped or not, that baby still has a beating heart and feelings and deserves a chance. The woman can still give her baby up for adoption. Second, of course I think it is selfish. Ask any girl who got an abortion why she got the abortion to begin with. Her reasons will probably go something like this. "I don't have the money, my parents will hate me, I'm not with the guy anymore, my friends would hate me if I had a baby, I'm too young(or too old depending on the situation)". These aren't ligament excuses. They are acts of selfishness! Think long and hard before you got an abortion & before you screw around with things your not prepared for.
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Invariably her reasons will to some extent be for herself, but I don't think that leads to selfishness. It is important that she thinks about herself because from the child's perspective, the mother will be the most important factor in its life. Even with adoption, she will be pretty important still. So her abilities, environment, relationships etc all are important to the child too. It isn't just about rights (rights of the child v. Rights of the mother) but about responsibility. And while it is all well and good for someone to point out that the woman might not have been responsible with her sexual activity to start with, it does not mean that bringing a child into the world is the responsible thing to do. To see a child and pregnancy as a consequence to irresponsible sexual behaviour is not to value the child but to punish the woman. No one wants to get an abortion. But sometimes, it is the best thing to do.
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If you are a woman just think would you have an abortion if you yourself would die from the procedure? The real killers are the people who perform the abortion procedure. Planned Parenthood should be considered the worst threat to humanity that ever existed. Much worse than Nazis. They are responsible for killing millions of people every year.  Women that have abortion do it because they are ignorant and because it is convenient.  Planned Parenthood are like drug pushers and the woman is like a pathetic addict. If you work for Planned Parenthood, how can you live with yourself you obviously have no soul.   What if your Mother would have aborted you?
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I think it's very. Because that child didn't ask to be here and you taking their life because you want to is very selfish. In other words your a murder your self!!!

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