Why Do People Tend To Reject People Who Love Them?


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I really like Hariku821's answer.  But I would go further and say that beauty or handsomeness is not so necessary as much as looking as good as you can.  This doesn't mean taking a lot of time or money on appearance, but always being clean, smelling fresh (not drowning in cologne, FRESH, as in clean and fresh), hair neat and clean, clothes not all wrinkled or dirty.  If you are very shy you might try to think of situations in which you would have some confidence.  Learn as much as you can about as much as you can so you have contributions to make in conversations.  Don't hog the spotlight of course, but just be able to speak intelligently about most subjects.  Smile.  Looking friendly can do wonders.  If you think someone is rejecting you, try not to take it too personally.  That person just isn't as ready as you are to have a meaningful relationship that is not based on shallow values.  One day she will be, and right now someone else IS.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep, healthy food, fresh air and exercise because you would not believe how much that affects your appearance.  NEVER make fun of someone.  And if a girl shows an interest in you and you do not find her as attractive or appealing as someone else, try to think how she feels.  Give her a chance because she very well might be that princess in disguise waiting to blossom with the right guy to care for her.  Hope this helps you some, and I wish you luck.
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Initially physical appearance is needed. But after some ones fallen in love if their partner lost their beauty in say a fire it wouldn't matter. Also beauty is in the eye of the beholder some one I don't think is good looking my friend will think is the best looking person on the planet.
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People have unrealistic expectations of Love. Often they set certain physical standards of beauty that the loved one must have in order for them to be attracted to. Some people subconsciously think they do not deserve to be loved, and they reject it, when it comes their way. Some people think being loved, means always getting your own way. These are just a few reasons. Those who keep an open heart and mind about love, are bound to find it, if they do not set impossible standards on it.
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NO!! I'm married to a "good looking" narcissist-ALL about him-very belittling,etc. Go w/ your heart,I'm going to from now on...
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For true love physical experience is not required at all. You should not care about people who reject on your experience. You will be finding your true love, where you will be loved on your inner beauty (heart).
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Factors can be the person what they look for.
Some like looks and other intelligent but,ppl see looks first and judge there personaility till the talk to them.
Timing can be it too they fell in love and by accident you fell threw the cracks.
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Just dependson wht type of person that someone is looking for weather its looks personality or a certian something. But you can't help who you fall in love with x

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