If Boys Wink At You, Does That Mean That They Like You?


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Not necessarily it could be but  it depends what grades your in. Like if you in elementary school that may mean he has a crush on you or he wants you to like him because he likes you. If you in middle school it could be he likes you but it depends if he smiles and winks or just winks if he just winks that always doesn't Mean he likes you. If he winks and smiles he most likely likes you. If your in high school + college that could mean he wants to sleep with you aka do it with you.
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I think if  a guy winks at you , hes definately interested .. But to shy to approach you . Maybe he's waiting for you to do it . Good luck ")
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He is teasing you.  He likes you, and would like to get to know you better .
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It doesn't mean they like you, winking is a flirty thing so he's flirting with you, which could be a friendly thing or maybe more, flirt back and see what happens good luck
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I think it means they are waiting to see if you like them, I had  a boy do that to me and I was trying to find out if he likes me and I started thinking if you were someone that was lonely that needed somebody he would not just wink at you for no reason at all. He has to like you if not maybe he just wants to be friends!!
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No it does'nt mean they like you, not all boys wink, there are some naughty boys too who wink for fun loll.
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Also I have the same question , because its happen for me too ,
but was about a boy who I love him about  years and also he know I love him .and one night when we Chiles out at the end of night when we were checking our hand and looking to each other he smiled at me and then he gave me a wink .
I got so happy and now I what to know what does it mean , is he like me also or nor ?
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Well, it depends what grade you're in. If you like 6th and lower than that means he could have a crush but if it's 7th and higher he likes you and pretty much wants to date you
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Famous saying: Beware the eye that winketh!
"He that winketh with the eye causeth sorrow: But a prating fool shall fall. ..... "

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