What Does It Mean If A Boy Smiles At You But Already Has A Girlfriend?


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Adi Frostie Profile
Adi Frostie answered
He's being friendly.
Emily Ritch Profile
Emily Ritch answered
Probably means he would be interested if he didn't have a girlfriend or he is flirting with you.
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Anonymous answered
It is just a smile. Do not read too much into it. Unless he approaches you (and with a gf I hope he doesn't) you should go on with your life and find someone who does not toy.
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Anonymous answered
He likes you ;) He treats you like a good friend ;)
But, from a girls side that guy also might like you a bit more...
dori nunya Profile
dori nunya answered
I think that you should ask him...and if he likes you...dont get involved....too much drama when he has a girlfriend
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Anonymous answered
Okay there's this boy in my science class he sometimes  stares at me but he has a girlfriend he also try es to get close to me but we don't know each other and don't talk to each other what do i do
Victoria Romero Profile
Victoria Romero answered
It means hes just tryna be nice or if he does with like a sexy look then he likes you but doesnt want to admit it!!!
micah johnson Profile
micah johnson answered
He might like you but he also might just think your cute and wanna be friends. Just take it easy and see how things go. But if he gots a little girl then just leave it at that
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Anonymous answered
Okay there's this boy that I like but he has a girlfriend but he sometimes stares at me and trys to get close to me but I try to respect  his girlfriend and me and him don't even talk or know each other. What do I do

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