What Does Love Mean?


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Love is no shame, no lies, growth, joy, always striving to be the person that your s.o. doesn't want to lie to...because acceptance is a for sure, judgements not necessary....insecurities gone...trust...trust...and more trust...honesty...
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Love means, i cant describe it you cant really describe its just something u feel inside, something hard to explain. But u know its there, love is a very emotional thing, love is when you will always be there for that person not matter the good times n bad ugly, someone that makes you happy someone u cant live without, someone u miss all the time n think about . Love is strong thing, its only felt from inside your heart, love  means that u will never stop loving that person evening if that person makes mistakes u know at the end of the day u will be for them for the rest of your life,  Love is honestly the most strong feeling there is.
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For some people love can be just another word like God, Devil, angels and demons. The existence of it can never be sure. As far as I am concerned, I am an agnostic when it comes to believing in love. Love is actually a very overrated word. Many people make a big deal out of it. Love in true sense means, when you as a person would like to spend the rest of your life and actually picturise yourself with that person, it can be love. You want to spend each and every moment of your life with that person. It can be good times or bad times. But again I would say, it is better to fall in love with yourself and the world around you, rather than loving someone else and getting a heartbreak at the end of it.
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Love to me means having someone who cares a lot about you no matter how crusty your face is in the morning or how stinky your breath might be. They are going to love you no matter what and they are always there for you.
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Strong emotion,based on affection for a person,place or thing,the object of attachment ,unselfish and loyal.....hope this helps you.....
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love-truth and feelings for others...sympathy and greatness...a warm feeling for truth and warm slendar lyrics
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The two best words i could say tht would be good for the word "love" would be
1- care
2- truth

a lot of people just say "i love you" like it means nothing.
Like they just say it like they r handing out an invitation.

When u say u love someone u gotta mean it.
U cant just say "i love you" if they tell u they love u.
Bcuz u prolly dnt rlly love them, u prolly just like them but u dont know tht.

U gotta be true to the person u love.
My boyfriend always lies to me.
Thts why when he tells me he loves me i just say ok. I dont say it back.

So.....heres the deal. U cannot hand out the sentence i love you to anyone.
U gotta mean it.
Its like a commitment.
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Love means a lot to me. All is fair, love and war. I feel that love is a beautiful thing joy and hope.
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Love is an unpreventable unexplainable feeling like no other filled with concern and care for another. It is at times overwhelming to the human mind and can cause an emphasized amount of joy, grief, or jealousy.
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Loves that you care and respect another person no matter what and you will do anything for that one person who you have passionate feelings for
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Love means :you really like the opposite sex or the same sex you could be in love with a famous person or non famous
love can mean the same as fancying someone but you fancy them  more strongly
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I think it means Friendship set on fire! Like its really nice to finally be loved you get butterflies and weak in the knees for that one person

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