How Come Love Hurts?


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Have you ever had something to eat that was so good you could not express the taste to anyone? Well, that’s how love can feel, it is one of the best feelings you will ever have in life. Love can hit your heart like a ton of bricks and you feel like it is taking your breath away. In most cases it is the most wonderful feeling in the world to be in love. Although it can hurt if nobody loves you back. We think we will not survive if someone hurts us when we are in love, and it may seem as though we will not get over the hurt, but we will. Believe me someone else will come along and you will love again. Take care.
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Because anything that is close to your heart and make you feel good just as it can hurt you. If it is not something meaningful, then it cannot have such an effect on you.
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Love hurts cuz it freakin sucks! Love is unfair and nuthin but pain if u can handle the pain then wat the heck fall in love but if not then leave the boys or gurls alone!! And be single and mess around lol
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Love stinks yea yea j giles band. The reason love hurts is because the human man and woman form a bond which is intended for marriage and for creating children and when you break that bond because of reasons that are outside of what God intended then you lose that connection which in turn takes away a part of you that should not have been given/shared to that person outside of the bonds of marriage.this is why courting among men and women was necessary to prevent a bond from happening that is not going to develop into a engagement and other words if you play the game your going to lose and losing is not fun.just my opinion.
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Good answer if i might say so my self, nomad1, i've never heard it put together quite as well as this .and true with out any question...
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This believe it or not is from a preacher slash marriage counselor slash mentor that has been married for over 50 years and has counseled 10's of thousands of couples before marriage in order to prevent what this question asked. He even counsels young men and women with his wife before they even start dating because he sees this pain they go through because they don't know the best way to guard /protect themselves when just dating both the guys and the girls which sets them on a path to distrust
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I had more but the box cut me off besides i don't want to bore everyone to death.
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Because you gave a part of you away... And you can never get it back ever again.


One day, someone worthy of you will come along and fill that hole with a part of them.

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