What Is Love? What Are The Good Things Of Being Falling In Love? What Are The Bad Things? What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being Falling In Love? What Is Love From Teenage Stage? How Does Love Start? What Are The Requirements Of Love?


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Love is patient && Kind..Love is something that gives you a feeling that gives you excitement and different kind of feelings developing inside of you.. Love hurts  you when you hurt that person or that person hurt you..Love is when your willing to make sacrifices to the person that you love and willing to do anything for him/her..When your in love it's hard to see the bad things in that person..ahah..Happens to everyone trust me..Love sometimes feel like it's magic and you can do anything with that person and you'll always be happy no matter what..Love makes you crazy and makes you excited to see that person or hear that person's voice..Love is something that is painful && magical..
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I had that feeling. You explained it perfectly. But, i found the bad things in him. He used me to get things like sex. He forced me to do things i said no to. After all that, i still loved him. There were other guys i liked but non could match him. I learned to get over him, but he'll always have a place in my heart.
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What I know about love is that it can be a challenge to find someone who loves you back but when you do it is an amazing thing :) There are different kinds and levels of love. Casual friendships, pets, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, grandparents, actors you have never met, household plants, gardens, buildings, etc. Teenage love (being a teenager myself) can be quite tricky because we are still maturing mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. And we all mature at different speeds. You may love or think you love someone and wish so heartily that if only they would love you back! But in some cases it is simply that they are incapable of "loving" back at the same level that you are. Boys for example, (not in all cases) but generally are a few years behind girls in the emotional maturity. So this means that girls are usually ahead of boys in that they are more capable of understanding the emotions they are feeling than boys at the same age. Love is a wonderful thing and everyone can have it...especially when you can learn to love yourself first :) This can be difficult sometimes...but it can be done and it is not always as hard as it may seem :)  Hope I gave you some insight :) Good luck with love! You can do anything you put your heart and mind to :) :) ;)
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Excitement + Romance + Fites + Pain + Sacrifices + Mutual understanding + Adjustments = "True Love" . 4 months excitement, 4 months fites , 4 months deciding, the next year marriage.....Love combines all feelings.It's the way you take it...some go down in their life due to fall in love..Some go to the peak...It's the way we take..there musnt be cunningness, ego or headweight to love. T cn cm at any time obviously...Once upon a time bef 2 years I used to scold and make fun of my friends in the name of love...But now I'm craze on a girl ho was my colleague & we both love fr the past 1 year.....I don't hw it came all of a sudden..we were good friends sharing our thoughts ..that's all...suddenly we can't control the pain of being without each other and we all of sudden fell in love.....I don't know how it came...now I can feel its pain and smooth moments...Think of your family whether they'll accept love marriage n all initially then go ahead..Once you get in deeper you can't come out asap and sink in it...Be Stable ...I had pains and cries to achieve in my life...but when she came into my life I went to peak.....all for her...it's like a magic...Mutual understanding between couples and over-expectations as bef marriage are the causes of failure of divorce after love marriage...Once you tackle this..you can succeed in your love and enjoy life with your life-partner...All the best my friend...
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Love is just a relationship which is sweeter than friendship.
Good things about love is that you are always happy,in a good mood!
Disadvantages are that you cannot concentrate on other things!
Love as a teen is just a start of something new,we really don't find true love at first try.
Love starts with friendship.
Requirements of love is understanding each other,not harming them and of course loving them!
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Love is a beautiful thing. It's not easy when your a teenager, because your parents get in the way, but in my case it is different. My parents like my boyfriend very much.Love is cool, but one thing I can say. In order to find true love, you have to go through pain.
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Love is many things. It can be butterflies in your tummy whenever your near that special person, it can be the person you think about all day every day, it can be someone you'd die for, cry for, do anything for. The good things about it? You don't need anyone else, but keep your friends of course! Another thing is if they love you back, you know you have a special person to hold you & always be there for you no matter what. The bad things? You never know it, but you may just be infatuated. Definiton of infatuation is when you have the feeling that you're in love, but you're just either obsessed or you care about that person a lot. Also, when they decide it's time for a break up, it sucks. You cry for forever, you have suicidal thoughts, you think they're the only one for you & you'll never find anyone else, you can't get over them. My advice is don't waste your time crying over stupid people. That's going to be their loss unless it's your fault. GET OVER IT. They obviously werent for you. If you still love him/her, seduce him/her back into you. Love from teenage stage is SIMPLY OVER RATED. Rated A for Adults. Us teenagers are too young to know what love is, unless you truly have experienced it. Love just happens, Love at first sight, love through sex, love through relationship, etc. The only requirements is not to cheat. Cheating screws everything up, even checking out someone else right in front of your "Love" is screwed up & stupid. Advantages & Disadvantages are You know what it is like to love & know that your capable of loving someone. Bad stuff is that theres always a chance they could be bull shitting you with the owrd "love" or cheating on you to get in your pants. Enjoi♥
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Love is the greatest feeling a person can ever feel. You can find love in everything. Love can be seen, touched,held,lifted,talked about.etc.the good things about falling in love is for having that feeling everyday of that special someone in my life knowing that they love me back,knowing each morning waking up to someone who loves you. Love can be unconditional.Love can be hurtful. If you Love a person than it is bound for you to make some kind of sacrifices. If you Love a person you would do anything for them. But it doesn't mean that you sacrifice and they don't it's a two way street, either that or the person your in love with doesn't love you enough to be equal on that.Love is Life. You can always find love in something or someone whether it be conditional or unconditional. Love in the teenage stage is a shy,butterflies kinda Love A New Love. My opinion for requirements of love is this: Love is giving but also receiving. It's EQUAL. It has to be if it's not then it's not called Love.
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I advise you,BEING IN LOVE IS BETTER THAN FALLING!although I have a bf myself as he treats me very well...I still have to warn you!But in my opinion,I think that having a relationship is good.It helps you to be more caring and thoughtful towards one another,right?
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Love a special thing that everyone goes through. It tells you that you've found the person you want to be with. In the beginning love can be difficult. Like having has many ones you say you love. Anyone can live a fairytale if they trie
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Love is exciting..good thing is your inspired doing things that you never thought you can..yet its kinda' funny 'cause the person who makes you happy is also the person who will tear your heart and leave you cryin' alone...and there is no requirements needed 'cause you'll just feel it naturally...
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Love is when you and another person feel feelings for each other. Feelings that can not be explained by words. When you fall in love you float. You feel guided. Love is the best thing there is.
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Love is not real it is just a false emotion ..it is lust ,its all in your head.or your just care about someone a lot ...there is no such thing as a fairy tell so called love.simple

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