What Do Guys Really Want?


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What do guy's really want?  We want to be told that we are the answer, the best in the world...we want to be the one.  after all the messing around and all the game playing we want to be able to turn to you and say "this is me, bad breath, bed head, unshaven me...do you love me?  this is what we want, when we act hard we want you to tell us to stop being a dummy, we want you to tell us everything is alright and that you will always be there...that is what we want.....you must promise never to tell anyone this information.....I could get my man card taken away ...:)
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Great answer. don't worry, your buds will stand by you when they come to confiscate the card.
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Very good question.  I am sure you will get several different answers depending on age and maturity levels. Myself being, shall I say, over 40 and married once, I would like someone with some similar interests as mine along with someone who is truly genuine (something that hurt me in the past). Someone who is able to understand me and that is able to open up to let me understand them. Someone who will put up with my shortcomings and that I am able to put up with theirs. Bottom line, someone who loves me for who I am and they be who they are so I can fall in love for who they really are....
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  Your question is not clear because there is lot of things and lot of issues which boys want because wishes never end so you first please tell me on which issue you want information for example (Boys nature towards study, Boys nature towards Sports, Boys nature towards girls etc.)
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Caroline Norwood
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well..my question is clear.

i just wanna know what kind of girl guys want to settle down with in the end.

The guy at the top Mark1011 gave a great answer.
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A girl who really matches their personality. A girl who likes the guy for themselves&not what they are trying to be and same that the guy likes the girl for her.   Good luck! <3
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You should always act like your-self, if you like someone don't over-act because sometimes that gets nowhere but he/she not liking you.

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