What Do Women/men Really Want?..


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I reckon that we want what we don't have, and then when we get it (in a man or a woman), to start off with its new and exciting but as time rolls by we want different things and we get bored of the things we used to think we wanted.

My theory is that no one can truly affect anyone else in any way.
I feel that women want to be loved and settle down and have someone they can call their own and also feel safe and protected. I feel that men want to be respected and not have his women down talk him in front of people. I feel that a man just want a women to teach them how to love
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I've found that men want sex, good food, and complete control of the remote, not necessarily in that order.
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Two words "Each other."
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Women don't know what they want!
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I reckon that we all have a high standerd of who you and your true love should really be like we are told at a young age that love is all bliss perfect and tottly lovely the downfull to the childhood storyies its all a bunch of black lies it not essey its not perfect and the herin deffo don't bring babys on your doorstep we make up this perfect man or woman in our head witch is nuffunk but a tail!
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They just want to live there lives without to many problems, without bull s#^t and without hastle, but the basta#es of this Earth make that very hard.

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