Can You Get A Guy Who Used To Ignore You To Always Want You Around?


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Well, perhaps, but maybe your energies would be better spent investing in someone that is interested in you and recognizes your wonderful, natural qualities. Easier to swim downstream than up.
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Work on your appearance, go and have your hair professionally done, change from your normal attire, enhance your best features with a little makeup, and look and be respectful...the best to you...
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Dave oop answered
Ifbjudith's answer was the best so far.

You can do what the others said, but first ignoring is just playing games, honestly silly.  If a woman ignores me I assume she's not interested, and move on.

Second dressing as they said, is what I call LCD (Lowest Common Denominator), meaning, all women have boobs, and bums, etc.  Nothing special there and definately not a good way to make a long lasting relationship.  Talk to him, really it's that simple.  I personally just ask questions and listen to what is said.  This tells you two things, one if you like who and what they are.  And when/if you hear something you have interest in, then you can ask more questions, and keep the conversation going.  As a woman (you), likely do not realize this but, for a man to go up to a woman, he has to be prepared to be rejected.  Well you must realize this is a possibility, he might not be interested.  That being said, nothing ventured nothing gained.  If you two have enough in common and you are asking the questions or starting the conversations, I know if I was him and interested, it wouldn't take long for me to say "Hey would you like to do Sometime?"  Women from Europe are stronger this way and Even Quebec to some degree.  Some North American women will say men want control and they shouldn't/can't make the first move.  Ahh, no, as the movie said "he's just not that into you", and it's called being rejected, welcome to the mans world.  Lets say you both like art (you I know that's not as likely, oh well it's late and I'm almost done for the night), so you both like art.  You could say how you'd love to see the art show at _____, but you have no one else to go with.  Too bad none of your friends like art."  If he likes you, or at least if I did, I would be saying something like, "that sounds like a great time, I'd love to go with you."  DONE!

Now if I can only find a woman that something like that would happen,  oh, by the way I did recently, but she doesn't feel the same way.  Oh, well, you can do everything perfect and everything seem perfect, and it still not work out, se la vie (such is life).  Just don't give up and move on :-)

Good luck and keep well
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Yeah! Dress beautiful, do your hair, a lil make up, a lot of leg showing and wear a shirt that shows mounds of cleavage. Thats an honest answer.
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Act totally confident no matter what! You never let a guy know your vulnerable! No matter if you think you aren't the hottest thing in the world guys notice confidence and the way a woman will hold herself in public! Oh and ignore him as if he was invisible. He will be like y is she not paying me attention anymore- then he becomes curious ... You see where I am going?!

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