Why Does My Ex Ask Me If I'm Dating?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
If your ex is asking you about your relationship status, there's a good chance that he's jealous or missing you. Either way, he's probably hoping to hear that you're single - I don't see why he'd ask otherwise!

Does This Mean He Wants Me Back? It's certainly possible. Is he giving you any other indications that he's interested in rekindling your relationship?

Look out for the following signs:
  • Is he flirting with you?
  • Is he listening to what you say more attentively than usual?
  • Ask him if he likes anyone. If he doesn't say much, doesn't give a definitive answer or avoids the question, he probably still likes you.
  • Does he initiate physical contact - for example, hugging you goodbye or nudging you when he makes a joke?
However, after some break-ups, it can be hard to let somebody go, even if you know that the relationship has run its course. It might still be difficult for him to think of you with another guy, regardless of whether or not he wants to date you again.
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Fonz Recardo answered
Most men only ask because they're looking for a sex buddy.
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Jonathan Bird answered
Maybe he wants to ask you out again?
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Martin Garret answered

Exes are always difficulties. Some of them, of course, wonderful person with who you can easily talk about random topics, but some of them become maniacs and it's actually scary. If you ever decide to date here, then I would highly suggest you be more careful with people and be pickier. Good luck.

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Mati green answered
If you're on good terms with him, then maybe he's concerned and wants you to be happy... If you're on bad terms with him... Which usually happens when one or the other still wants the relationship..... Maybe he's jealous.

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