I'm desperately in love with my ex-girlfriend but nobody knows. I'm dating a new girl, I love her very much but not as much as my ex. My ex says she's not ready to date but I want her so bad! But I also can't leave my current girlfriend. What to do?


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Well first off, you have to think about your old relationship with your ex. Why did you break up? Who ended it? Was it because of some trivial thing, or was it because you two were just too different? If you honestly, truly think that you can talk and work it out and communicate better, then you need to call her and tell her that you've been thinking about her a lot, and that you regret your breakup. Then let her think it over and give her some space. Now think about your new GF. Find out how exactly she feels about you. If you say that "it's just not working out" for you, don't mention your ex 'because no one really wants to just be a rebound, and because you said you still care for her and wouldn't want to hurt her feelings.
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Just extra info if it helps you help me or what ever, we're all fifteen, my x broke up with me because she wasn't ready for a bf, according to her mom she liked me alot too and didnt want to break up with me, and all three of us are very good friends with each other. Me and my x, my x and my gf and obviously my gf and me.
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Chalk it up and remain friends. At 15, dear, you have ONE long Road ahead of you and in 3 years, you will not even know her name and if by chance you do remember that, you will have forgotten what she looks like!! Move on and Enjoy your life. You have but ONE.

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