I love my job, but, I'm in love with my direct supervisor. Obviously I can't say, as it would be unprofessional, but it hurts so much to work so closely with someone and have those feelings go unreciprocated?


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What is the question here?

You know it's not professional and if it's not bad for you get another job.

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are you sure??

& why unprofessional?? 

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Walt O'Reagun
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It's unprofessional to act upon it ... because it creates an uncomfortable environment for everyone else working there ... and a "hostile workplace" if they break up or argue ... or, even if everything goes well, coworkers will believe there is favoritism.
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they can break up or argue, but stay professional in working place, ya this can create.. hmm a little tension, so, this doesnt mean that she cant have a relation with a man, just to relief the coworkers tension-- or avoid being the favorite
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How do you know you're "in love" and not just attracted to him?
If you only see each other at work - it's just attraction.

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What if everyone is right,

and you do only live once.

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