When I text my crush, he only gives one word answers. Is this normal for a guy?


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Maddie Vargo Profile
Maddie Vargo answered
Yes it is. Don't worry about it. My Ex used to text me with one words.
Janey Profile
Janey answered
Only if it sounds like they're not interested and want to be somewhere else Mandy.Most guys will at least make an effort and text back something just to keep the conversation going with their crush.
Hayden Hansen Profile
Hayden Hansen answered
If this happens several times in a row, it usually means he's not that interested in the conversation, or he has a bad phone. :/
Maddie Profile
Maddie answered
Pretty much. It's why we have to liven up the conversation ;) yeahh, when I text guys, they give short, emotionless answers unless we're really focusing in on our conversation. Sometimes I say something really super weird or random so that they're like "What!?!?" and then I say just kidding. Lol xD
Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
Some guys can't type. I remember a time when guys didn't type at all. :). Maybe he's just one of those no nonsense guys who would rather talk in person. I'd much rather talk face to face than go thru an electronic idiot box.
Don Gerig Jr. Profile
Don Gerig Jr. answered
Quit texting him... And if he does text back ignore him for a day or two, then text him and say sorry you have been busy.
Shaye Hatake Profile
Shaye Hatake answered
Most of the time he doen't like you much..... The truth hurts or maybe you annoying him...
maddie nonya Profile
maddie nonya answered
Okay well two can play at that game...try kinda talking to his best friend and act like you dont really see him...and maybe you should tell him you like him that way he knows your interested and whats the worst thing that could happen...he could say no...but who cares
Ryan R. Profile
Ryan R. answered
In the defense of all males, maybe he doesn't have a keyboard and is slow when it comes to texting and or doesn't like it. Maybe he's driving or at work and can't send full paragraph messages for you to read. Or plain and simple maybe you're just asking questions that lead to one word answers.

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