Is It Possible To Have More Than One Best Friend? What Qualities Does Your Best Friend Have?


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Sunshine Baby Profile
Sunshine Baby answered
Yes it is! I have four best friends and the qualities that they all have are : Caring,always there when I need them,smart, and fun. But what makes our friendship extra special is that each one of us has our own unique personality and opinions and at times we don't always agree but we love each other no matter what :)
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emo elmo answered
Olivia Barlow Profile
Olivia Barlow answered
I only have 3 BFFL's and their qualities are honest, caring, loving, responsible, trust worthy, and fair!
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
My best friends best quality is that he is not so narrow sighted as to think of himself as my best friend, which makes him the bestest buddy in the besty town around...... BEST
Allie Hallowell Profile
Allie Hallowell answered
It sure is! My best friend is: Funny, skinny, tall, pretty, not judgemental, can keep a secret, crys when she laughs, never can keep a straight face, doesnt hold grudges, gets excited easily, is scared easily, gullable. :)

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