What does is mean when your boyfriend wants to get to know your best friend? My best friend is also male fyi


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It probably just  means  he wants to get to know your best friend and involve himself in your life. Don't over think  the simple things .. It ruins relationships. BAM !

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Dance like a gypsy
I wasn't I was just curious because I've never had a guy do that
Danae Hitch
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Normally, the more you learn about the friends your guy / girl hangs out with, the more you can understand the friend dynamics and how you / they fit in.
SuperFly Original
Considering the answers stated-- I got nothing to add here! I agree with everyone els.
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He wants to make you happy by putting the effort in to know your best friend :) I think that's really sweet. He wants to have all of you guys hangout all the time!:)

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I agree with the above responders. If a guy really likes you then he wants to get to know you, like everything about you. He wants to know who your friends are, what you do for fun, what makes you laugh, favorite candy and anything else. So he is most likely just making an effort to be apart of you life. There may also be a small insecurity issue, I know some guys are jealous if a girl has a best guy friend, or hangs out with a lot of guys, so he may just be scoping things out to make sure everything is good, you may want to reassure him if that's the case. But as long as he is trusting and never shows any signs of having a problem with you being friends with a guy then he is just wanting to show interest in your life and get to know the guy for you and your relationships sake :)

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