Who Is Your Best Friend?


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Peter terry
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I used to have several, now my best friend lives in another state and we don't get to talk on the phone as often as we'd like.  She has a mansion, but I hate visiting because she has to go along with her husband and can't spend time with me; we can't go out or anything.  I lived near her for several months about 3 years ago and we probably went shopping 2-3 times.  Another moved to a state even further away, but I feel quite at home when I visit her.  We only get to see each other about twice a year, cause they always visit in June.  Another I loaned my credit card 2 years ago and she hasn't paid it off or made the minimum payments she ran up, so she doesn't call me anymore. Another, my husband involved her in a personal dispute between us, and she didn't approve of my behavior and I lost her and it still hurts so much. The last one is a grandma now and saddled with grandchildren a lot and still worrying about her adult children.  We get to see each other on occasion and talk, but we'd prefer to hang out more.  
Each of my friends were best in certain areas, one was intellectual, one funny, one like a sister, one lifelong, and one all purpose.
If you have any friends like this, do your best to hang onto them!  Good friends don't come easy.
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G'day Guest,

Thank you for your question.

I have lots of friends on Blurtit. I wouldn't want to list them for fear of leaving people out.

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Hildadrago is my best ever friend... But I consider artsider and soman as my bestfriends too...
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Sunshyne And Erica. A Close Friend Where I Volunteer And A Close Friend Next Door.. One Is My Mentor The Other I Am Like Her Sounding Board/ Psychologist Because I Am Older; So She Talks To Me about All kinds Of Life Lessons.. And Asks For My Advice On A Wide Variety Of Things.. My Friend Where I Volunteer  Taught Me To Have Faith In People Again; To Trust Again And Taught Me That There Is Just No Pleasing Some People. They Accept Me As I Am.. I Can Ask Them Anything; As They Would Do Anything For Me .. We All Deserve To Be Appreciated As Well As Accepted For Who We Are; So If You Find Friends Like That, Don't Do Anything To Crumble That. I Have Close Friends On This Site Too.. I Enjoy Giving My Feedback To All Kinds Of  Questions.. It's Interesting To See 5 Different Responses To 1 Question. Life Is But A Book Filled With Chapters.. Each Page Is The Things  We Do, The People We See And The Places We Go. .. As You Gain Friends The Book Expands .. As You Lose Friends Pages Are Evaporated..  New Chapters Are Formed As You Meet Friends.
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I have a very dear best friend, who is like a sister to me.
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Outside of my Husband, the woman who lived across the street from me while our children were growing up in the 1980's is one of them, and the other is a woman I met and spent a lot of time with before we were transferred to Northern California.
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I think the true best friend I have is almighty himself, although I have failed to prove any good friend to him.
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My best friend in the whole entire world is a girl I have known for almost 13 years of my life her name is Alecia and she is my other half. She is my sister.
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Out of 1,999,000 people I know at least 1,400,000 are my best friends, and some of the rest of them are just know to a profile with actually no contact at all.
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Luth 22 of course...and the one who helps me to become one of the moderators here.
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MY best friend (Beniot) died in 2007 and my other best friend (My Dog) died a few years before. So I consider all my friends just friends now. But I have a very close friend who lives in China. I consider her as my Sista (sister).
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I have lots of friends but my 3 bestest friends are Delfina, Rikki, and Thalia. But on blurtit my bestfriends are V-mar218, Coldplace_, Alma_mexi, and Artsider. :P
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My best friends thomas , jeevitha , anna marlen joshe .., and my first and best blurtit friend matmit (Sugapop101 ) .., V-mar218..,  nekha , Luva3 , Preeto., Astronomy ., Omnom., Luth22..,  Cmoni., Savanna198..,Bonita72 .., Scrooge.., John28.,  cute brother Skyadamani..,
my new best friend Megannn ., Samstr97
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I have about 8 normal friends, and one best friend. I don't really like having best friends because when you have  fights its harder to let go.  But my BlurtIt friends at the moment are Jack Milligan, Alex Purvis, Nadya Bean, Jhon Florence and Jamie Wise=)
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Haylee taytay savannah coldplace trindy taylor  cassidy county cynthia keairah khameran kristal legacy luis robert tabitha

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