Is 13 An Appropriate Age To Let Your Child Do As They Want?


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No, of course not! Are you kidding me? I am 15, and 13 year olds are definitely not mature enough! I know this stuff. Smh.

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No I don't think so it is an appropriate age. Children always need guidance from their parents throughout their lives.

Allowing your children to do certain activities is a relative term. Some children get matured more quickly than others. However, you shouldn't allow your child to get indulge in relationship activities until he/she reach 16 years of age. Still after allowing them, you should keep close eye to their activities to save them from potential threats of this age.

Don't let your child to go outside at night. Allow only those friends of your child to meet him/her who you think is of good character.
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Rudolf van Harrewijen
Keeping an eye on them would be enough if it wants to meet friends it is better to let them learn their own lessons from what you learned them and if they want to meet people not so good of character so be it as it may learn them more talking about mistakes they make then just not allowing them to make mistakes by judging their choice of friends and blocking any freedom in the process by filtering on your own judgement which can be off by a long shot as you cant tell a kid good or wrong on your judgement as people are as different as the leaves on a tree for one it can be a bad influence and for another person it can be totally opposite from what you thought and rest assured you deny them contact and they will most certainly go for the one you don't want them hanging out with.
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Yes while some kids are mature enough at this age to get more freedom, I think it would all depend on what freedom you are giving them! For instance, I don't think I would let my 13 year old go on dates alone .I don't even think it's good to let them stay at home and babysit the kids alone. I know a lot of people do but, I don't trust it at all. I think a good age for some of these things would be around 15 or 16. Now this is just my opinion on the subject, others may disagree.
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Yes you should you should know that if your child is 13 or over then you should set it free you need to know that you trained it well enough so that he or she will survive out there
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NO! You should keep a close watch on them for a while give them space but let them go alot more on their own at age 14 and up because young kids can do some stupid stuff
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Maybe not the fully correct age.Yoshould slowly slowly release your child a little bit but not fully.Allowing children to be dependent make them understand the world and makes them responsible.But you must continue guiding him.

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