What Age Do Kids Start Talking?


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Kids vary at what age they start talking and the coaching they get at home will have a lot to do with this.  Albert Einstein never uttered a word until age two so there's no need to fret if your child is late in talking, plus once they start they have a tendency not to ever stop. Most kids will be able to put together simple sentences by the age of two and a few will be able to speak in simple sentences and ask basic questions even earlier.

Babies have a tendency to mimic exactly what they hear, so if you want your baby to get a head-start on language skills, talk to them as you would an adult instead of baby talk to get the best results. A few simple words should start emerging from their mouths at around 12 months, and between the ages of eighteen to twenty-four months toddlers should be formulating simple sentences to tell you they want food or need to go to the potty.

By the age of three years, a child should be able to speak in clear and grammatically correct sentences and from this point should show rapid growth in vocabulary and complexity of conversations. Again, as your child develops a more complex command of the language it is important for parents to foster more complex discussions and expose them to educational tools such as talking toys and age-appropriate educational television shows.

With the right parenting, most children will develop language skills quickly and be talking in clear and concise sentences between the ages of three and four. Since children mimic what they hear at this age be sure and closely monitor what they are allowed to watch on TV to avoid any embarrassing situations with family, friends, or in a public place.
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At about 14 to 20 months of age, the baby starts to talk actual words. They start with simple words like mama, papa. Later they turn into two-word phrases, which is the next step on the journey of speech. By the age of two years, the baby utters two words like "come baby" or "doggy go". Almost 50 words are in the baby's vocabulary. When a child can link two words together; it appears that a child is able to understand and think in a proper manner.

Practically speaking, babies try to communicate when they are still within the womb. After birth till about 4 months, baby will try to express feelings by actions.

The next step is babbling which starts from 4 to 6 months when the baby develops more sounds. Continual communication is important for the baby to start conversing fast.

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My sisters kids all talked early, her oldest could say words clearly at around 12 months and was saying full sentences not long after that. My sister learned that teaching them to make noises with their mouth like clicking their tongue helped develop muscles and the less she let people baby talk them the faster the learned to say words properly.
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Most  children begin to say their first words at around 14 to 16 months and begin to form sentences around 18 to 24 months. 
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And once they start, they rarely stop. So be careful what you wish for!
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My grand daughter started saying words at 8 months old and now at 11 months just said, "hi grandma!" I think that is really early, don't you?
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I got lucky, mine were talking at 8 and 10 months. Our last was at 8 months, she had a lot of people talking to her all the time, and was always entertained with someone in the house.
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The more you talk to them and the more they smile the sooner they will start trying to talk...they like  higher pitched voices
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They might just be shy
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It depends on when you start to teach them but maybe some kids say there first words at around 13to14 months old
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Ummmmm no mi nephew is 1 and a half and only says not some words but not a lot we went 2 c if any thing was wrong but its not time yet
good luck 2 you gurl
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I'm worried, my son is 20months at the end of January and is still only saying mama dada, making loads of new sounds with his mouth but no words, iv tried repeatedly telling him words and asking him to tell me what it is he wants but nothing, he is perfect in every other way and developed teeth walking crawling etc reasonably early. Getting really worried should I see my gp?
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My boyfriends sisters's daughter (i know that sounds strange) but it is the same thing with her minus she is 15mnths old. I was wondering the same thing as if there wassomething wrong with her, but it is kinda different because her mother dosen't really interact with her with actually speaking words. She kinda immitates what she says. I think that you are doing okay some children might just learn noises first before they actually get to form words.
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It depends on what you consider "to talk"....If you are talking about the first word...this still can vary on what people consider the first word. A sound that mommy and daddy can hear as a word, or a clear word that even a stranger could recognize. Is talking the first word, or even sounds.... Or are we talking about a full conversation.....
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Hi hrmooney!

It is my understanding that Albert Einstein did not speak until he was about 7 years old, so I wouldn't worry too much about it!

Count your blessings and enjoy the little sounds he makes now; I know I should have!

My daughter was talking quite young, less than a year, and I only said it once on a day when she was suffering with terrible colic, "If you could only tell me what's wrong!"

I rue the day! She never shut up after that! Which was not a bad thing, really, but if you REALLY want him to talk now you better be prepared for the barrage of questions he will undoubtedly have for you, and he may never stop!!!! LOL!

Good luck and enjoy your baby!
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The general age when kids start talking is initially at the starting of 2 years, and between 3rd and 4th year, the child will be perfect.

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What can you do to help your baby talk? Is there anything a parent can do to speed up the process.
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Babies talk at different times. If he is babbling then I'm sure he will talk soon. If he is not making any noise the see your health visitor
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All Children have their own schedule, I was an early talker, and studies do seem to bear out, that females usually talk sooner than boys. That shouldn't be News, think about it. Somewhere between 1 and 2 years old is normal for beginners.
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Yes, this is completely normal, in fact if your child was using real words at 13 months it would be unusual, though not unknown. Most children start using recognisable words somewhere between 18 months and 2 years, though a little earlier or later is quite common too. You might like to take a look at babycenter.com where they talk in detail about child development and early speech.
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My son has already said Hi several times very clearly and he just turned 2 months old. At first I thought it was gibberish until my wife got it on video this morning saying Hi after she says it to him and it was as clear as I can say Hi - wow!
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Hrmooney, this is perfectly normal. There are kids who start talking and say their first word at the very age of like around 8 months and there are kids who don't say their first word until the age of two. So at the moment, you don't need to fret over this case but it would definitely help if you start talking to him or her.
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I tried to find a site that would answer most future questions and this is what I found.basically 8 months should be simple sounds ooh! Ah! Goo! Around 12 months cat,dog,juice,milk. www.babycenter.com 
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