Who Is Your Best Friend On Blurtit?


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I have so many....there's the true blue American, countvac. Then there's the ever so witty bickle. How about the always on target ornery one. Then there's the Christian back bone of blurtit, oursaviour, formerly godlovesu. But to pick one...I'd have to go with my best friend in real life, dena_m....love you baby.
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I have two you and tiggersmom and I'm not just saying that to make you feel good
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I have many good friends but my best friends are Ben and Ally.

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Steven Vakula answered
That's a tough one because I don't have one favorite but several! They are all different so it is hard to say this is the one and only! Some I talk to and then I disappear or they do so you pickup with another then they come back and it is as if they were never gone! Lawless is my Renegade Sister! Nassy is the Nass and I love some of our banters and Q's. Spokn4 is a fairly new buddy. Bickle, Biffmiester, Logical and Nomad1. Dena_M, Kkkatie, LadyLena, Willow, Skyadamani, DesetKid I could go on and on. Heck even you Iamlegend. Probably some others are no longer with us and I miss them like RossiBear an most of all Trallen. I never have figured out what happened to Trallen?

PS I can''t forget about my favorite Bull Dogger, Tamy!
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That's to difficult a Q. I know the people I share with the most, Orneryone, Tiggersmom, Nascarnut, Biffmeister, Desertkid. Get the warm fuzzy's from Mysaviour, Skyadamani, Life, Helpful. I feel young and kept in the loop with you, and your friends.
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I don't have many friends on Blurtit but the few do have... I couldn't decide. I do have more contact with Wally22 than anyone else but I couldn't say that I like him more than anyone else. I am hoping to get more friends too. So if you are reading this and want a friend... Add me!
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Not fair at all! To pick one out of all the people that I cherish, just can't happen. Did I say that I can't pick one? I can't do that. Sorry, lol.
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Have made quite a few friends since being on blurtit and would have a hard time picking just one,they each have their own place with me and can turn to them when in a pinch here on the web,so Friends I have them including you the asker...my friends come in all size packages and I would not trade them,They are inspirational etc when you need a little lift...
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I haven't been here long enough to have one. I have many friends and I love them all dearly
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Erin Ramey answered
I don't really have any best friends on blurtit because i don't really know what to do or who anybody is!
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I don't really have a Best friend because i have several friends. But i am in contact with Gabrielle1 and lisamari, but mostly tiggersmom
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Every one are my best friends. No partiality. I cant even decide too. But i dont get time to chat with all my friends here on blurtit.
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I have many, but who tops the list is Nassy, Nascurnut, I didn't change my avatar wantedly for her because she likes it so much.
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I don't have a best friend on Blurit but if I had to choose it would be Raul , Rooster , Addicted and Addilynn. Along with Lola. and Nikki.

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