What Are Ten Characteristics Of A Good Friend?


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Well really it depends on the individuals involved but I will give you my top 10 which are all general positive characteristics that would result in someone being a good friend. I would say loyal, trustworthy, understanding, laid back, non-judgmental, friendly, able to make you smile, adventurous, fun and personable.

These characteristics, however, may not be at all important to someone else. For example, if a person's priority in life was to go out every night, get drunk and get up to random mischief then they are more likely to think it is important that their friends are outgoing, loud, mischievous, playful and exciting. On the other hand if someone were timid they would be more likely to want a friend to be more approachable and kind-hearted.

No matter what your personality, certain characteristics should always really be pretty high on the list of characteristics of a friend. Things like trust and loyalty are pretty much essential, because if you can't trust a friend and they are not loyal towards you, are they really a friend at all? If you know that a friend would talk about you behind your back then, no matter how much fun they are, they should never really be considered a good friend. What makes a good friend is always up to the individual, but it's always best to make considered and informed choices. 

It can often take a few years before people consider someone a good friend, as it is difficult to really get to know someone in a short length of time. People who you have known for a longer time will also have more understanding about what make you, you. For example, things you have been through in the past and life experiences.
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A good friend is one you can always trust and rely on.
Good friends are there during good and bad times and say what you want to hear sometimes and are truthful sometimes, even if you don't want to hear it!

A good friend is usually kind and understanding and will stand by you when others can't or won't.
Good friendship is reciprocal and we need to return the friendship in kind.

Good friends can be friends for life and support you even when a family won't. Good friendship is to be prized as it doesn't always happen often.We don't need to always agree on everything so respecting each others' differences is a basis for good friendship.

A good friend isn't necessarily one who agrees with you on everything and might even disagree on occasions.

Treasure a good friend they're like gold dust.
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i have a friend named Grace, she don't do any of that you just talked about like standing by me when others cant or wont. she would rather hang with the friends that cant or wont hang out with me.
danielle johnson
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should I trust her???
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If you really want to known who is a good friend then just look back to the time when you were in difficult moments. The one who was there to console you is definitely the one who is your true friend. A good friend never fails to see the right in you and will always take a little courage to correct the wrong in you.

A good friend will help you in all your times of trouble and will never say a 'no', if the time and situation demands it. A good friend is someone who is caring, loving and above all an entertainment factor in your life not a depressing one all the while. And as the saying goes a "friend in need is a friend in deed", abide by it and you will definitely find your true friend.
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I think that 10 characteristics of a good friend are:
-someone you can go to about anything no matter how embarrassing or personal the matter is
-someone you can tell how you feel
-someone who wil try understand what your going through
-always looks out for you
-someone who always makes you feel better
-someone who tells you the truth even if it hurts you cus they no it wu be worse if they lied to you
-someone you want to spend time with
-someone who makes you laugh and feel happy
-someone you want to talk to and your not just talking to them cus there is no-one else around
-someone you can chill and relax with
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They are always there for you, they can keep a secret, they listen to what you have to say and they also listen to any problems that you are having so you can let them help you, and a good friend will always tell you what is on their mind.
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A good friendship is all based on trust. Having things in common helps too
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Well here's a few from the top of my head:
  • Someone who cares about you a lot
  • Someone who you can have fun with
  • Someone who understands you
  • Someone who makes you happy and cheers you up
  • Someone who likes you for who you are
  • Someone who isn't a bad influence and respects you and your thoughts.
  • Someone you enjoy spending time with
  • Someone who shares your interests
  • Someone who sticks up for you and protects you
  • Someone who is just awesome and loves you for who you are!!!
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A good friend should be Loving, Caring. A good friend should stand behind us in worst situations also.
Friendship should not be only Laughing, enjoying.
Therefore, A good friend should be trust able, share his/her ideas.
Also one of the important thing about good friend is , he/she not to hurt his friend by any means.

Therefore I have one message to all of you, Please read it once.

A good friend is not easy to obtain,
But once gained, it's difficult to maintain,
And once lost, it can never be regained !!
So do not let your true friend to go...
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Nowadays finding a good friend is really difficult,a good friend is like a treasure and we should take care of it very attentively,I think that a good friendship should be mutual and reciprocal,respect and trust are the two main factors in maintaining a friendship and anotehr factor is keeping the secrets of a friend.
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The most important element of being a good friend is understanding or considerate. A friend that know what his friend wants is a good friend that can help his friend a lot. Besides this, the other characteristics include helpful, cheerful, trustworthy, patient, good listener, generous, kind, caring, rational. He or she need not to be very smart, a good friend is indeed a friend that can help you through various challenges and always support you in your opinion for which in his consent, that is a right opinion. Well~ we can't fix a good friend should possess all the element above, but at least a good friend should be considerate enough when facing his friends. Yet, it is all depends on you on how to judge a friend as a good friend, because everyone has their own judgment and perception. =) 
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A  friend  who  will  be  there  for  you  , When  your  down  and out  and stay by your side
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Some one who is there for you with out you asking. A person who stands by you no matter what is going on in your life.  A person you can trust and that they can trust you.  Remember you must be a good  friend before you get a good friend
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You can trust them, they stand up for you, they help you through the crap going on in your life, nice, smart, they aren't afraid to tell you the bad things about you, tell you the good things about you, they break the guy/girl's face if they broke your heart, and more!!
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A good friend is the one who cares about you always. Not only that but also the one who search your best potentials you have and tries bestly to encourage you to reach you favorite  vision but also she/he should be the one who tell other people good things concerning you not bad one..being a friend  is not just sweetest words but real Mobiti Mahenge from MAKAMBAKO
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A perfect friend is someone that is there for you, even if the enemy is THEIR friend too. Trustworthy, Noble, and Humorous are some good character traits for a perfect friend.
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Always helpful. Ready to give advice, supportive, criticize when we do something wrong, praise, encourage, lovely.
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Trustworthy, good listener, sympathetic, helpful, caring, non judgemental, etc. (if your friend has these 6 qualities, he is a best friend, you don't need more from him).
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I think the character of a good friend is someone who listens and cares for you. They wouldn't let you do things that would get you or them in trouble. They are there for you when you need them the most. They not only listen to your problems they try and help you solve them. That is what I think is the character of a good friend
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Ive always want a friend who can just be himself.. Someone true.. =D someone who would say I stink.. Someone who would laugh at my stupid stunts.. Someone who would say I look stupid with my dress.. Someone who can say everything on my face..and not behind my back.. =D
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A real friend must be trustworthy, honest and loyal.  Those traits are a necessity.  Others that are certainly beneficial are kindness, humor, forgiveness, loving attitude, being optimistic and a big helping of self-control & a willingness to take responsibility for his own faults.  You will find that your best friend is the one that can continue to love  you even when you are not being very lovable.
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A good friend is someone who can accept you for who you are. IF your friend tried to change a bit of yourself it doesn't mean that she's not a good friend. Maybe she was trying to make a better self for you. A better person with a better attitude. Changes might be good, try one ey :)
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Good listener, cares about what you think,respects all of your beliefs.I could make a huge list but most of the time you can tell
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-someone you can be yourself around
-there for you in the good AND bad
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A good friend is somebody you listens to your stories, kind and considerate.  Somebody you can trust.  Somebody who shares common interests.  A good friend has your welfare in mind.  A good friend is someone you are happy to be with.
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A frind to me is being there wen a person needs you helping out a person in time of need
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A "good" friend or rather a "true" friend is many things. It is a person who knows you inside and out, and still excepts you. The one you can be brutally honest with, w/out fear. The one who knows all your "dirty little secrets" and still wants to associate himself with you. The one you can call upon and time of day and KNOW they will be there for you. The one you can trust w/ your spouse, children and money. They will always give advise based on your best interest and not try to tickle your ears. The one who isn't afraid to tell you YOU'RE Wrong, when in fact , you are.
One who is not easily offended and quickly gives and accepts apologies.
If you have at least one in a life time, you are truly blessed!
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I'll tell you what I call CCET: Considerate, Caring, encouraging, and Trust, they should be considerate, caring, encouraging, and you need to be able to trust them at all times. 

I have a friend who aren't like this, and I only trust her for the smallest things to trust a friend with. She is ALWAYS fighting, and yelling. She even pushed me off a bar at school while I was trying to do a flip.

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A real friend must be trustworthy, honest and loyal.  Those traits are a necessity.  Others that are certainly beneficial are kindness, humor, forgiveness, loving attitude, being optimistic and a big helping of self-control & a willingness to take responsibility for his own faults.
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A friend is he who is helpful in good as well as bad times....when you have comfort in bad times with a friend and he  or she  is co operative in all your times is a true friend!!!
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A good friend helps you out when you are trouble and also directs you a right path incase you are going wrong.
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A best friend is someone who loves you for who you are. They don't try and change you or force you into someone you have never been. A best friend is someone who from the moment they answer the phone can tell what kind of mood you are in only by the tone of your voice. A best friend is someone who gives meaning to your life when it seems like there is nothing else. A best friend is someone who makes you love yourself and will never give up on you or the friendship you share. That is what a best friend is
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A friend is someone that is there in the good time, the sad times, the happy times, the bad times, a friend is someone that is always there and never judges you, always has a shoulder for you to cry on and who stands beside you. A friend is there for a lifetime and you no that he or she is always a stone throw away.
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You don't want to know.  But not because I think you are out to get me.  But then again, I'm in way over my head.  How far over my head?  You tell me.  How serious is the situation when I can't even tell the person that I care about?  I feel like I might die.  Could this type of thing hurt so bad that a person dies?  I wish I knew.
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A good friend is a person you can trust upon, someone you can share your secrets with and they too keep it a secret, someone to cheer you up when you are sad, someone who never lets you down when you really need them, someone who stays with you in all your needs.
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I think firstly, it is someone you can trust - so to your knowledge, they have not lied to you or if they have, they have owned up to it and apologised. Moreover, they do not speak badly about others because if they do, then they maybe speaking badly about you behind your back.

A good friend has good intentions, I think they want you to be happy and they care about your feelings. They respond to contact from you or a regular basis and they make you feel like you are important to their life - so they appreciate interacting with you. People are different - so sometimes, they may not meet up regularly or they will change as life changes them - but if they are honest to you, if you trust them and they are nice/appreciative of you then it's all good.
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Someone that won't talk about you behind your back and someone that you can trust. Someone that's fun to be with and that you completely trust.
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Good friends

have always been there for you, they are always kind, they are always there when you are down and they care about you if you get hurt that's what good friends have
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One and the most important character of a good friend is when you are in any of the problem he should com to you without invitation to help you  because friend in need is a friend indeed and when you r happy he never comes to you without invitation
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A good friend is always there for you when you need help. A good friend is not somebody who only care about themselves.
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I think someone who you can trust and some one who doesn't hate you . They kinda have to think the same way as you. And most importantly well from my experience anyway: When your in a fight with your worst enemy they should not take sides with the enemy!!!!:)
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Friend suck never trust no one only your self be mean and cruel to every one make war with them and if you hear some one being mean to you just kill them easy peasy.

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