Whom Do You Call True Friends?


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A true friend is said to be like a mother, a father and at times like a sister or a brother. A true friend or a best friend is very different from general friends, normal friends are friends you meet at school, college or at university, and you don't really mingle with them that much. But a best friend is someone with whom you spend every single second with. You go out for shopping, have stay over, watch movies together, and stay up the entire night just talking to each other.

A true friend is someone who shouts at you, tell you, your mistakes, makes you feel bad about the mistake you have made. A true is a very important relation is ones life, if you have a true friend, then your life is so much better, you have someone to share your worries with, and your happiness with. A true friend gives the most genuine advice, and makes you face the reality. At times misunderstanding to come along, but if the bond is very strong then nobody can break them apart. A true friend is a blessing from above. They share happy and sad moments together, a true friend is someone who gives you a shoulder to cry and laugh with you and cry with you. They can make out, what you are thinking just by looking at you. This is what a true friend is all about.

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