How Can You Tell Whether Someone Is A True Friend?


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A friend is an important person in one's life, as we can share each and everything with our friends. A person who guides you about something is your true friend. Whenever you will do something wrong, he or she will tell you that you did wrong. He or she will also stop you from bad habits.
Because the beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are, but how happy others can be because of you. A true friendship is to understand and to be understood. Remember one thing - the goodwill of all those with whom we meet - is the foundation of our success. If you have a friend with bad repute it will also effect your reputation. So, be careful when it comes to choosing a friend. To determine the best friend, you should analyze his feeling and response to your actions. In addition, you should always look for moral values as compared to monetary values when determining the best ability in your friend. Someone has rightly said, "A friend in need is a friend indeed".
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You will only know if the person is a true friend when same person is with you all the way during adversities and most especially in the lowliest moment of your life when everyone seems to have forgotten you. The old adage that goes "A friend in need is a friend indeed" still holds true until this very day.
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Sometimes this doesn't matter. You know the people who spend time with you are not always supposed to be your TRUE FRIEND. The main thing by which you can make out your true friend is if they understand you and your feelings.See if they are frank and tell you about your bad habits and love you and care for you and stand by you in times of trouble.
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thanks sana
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Do you think that only true friends will point your bad habits...ofcourse the latter two reasons are certainly acceptable. Congratulations to be among top ten blurters!
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See if they spend time time with you and if do you favours. See if they are loyal and stand by you in times of trouble. Surely this will show if they are true.
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thanks Ginger2007 I will make sure they spend time with me and are loyal.
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Your "true" friend offers his/her best advice considering all options! He/She is not just telling you what you want to hear, and isn't leading you down the wrong path for his/her own selfish purposes. A "true" friend will be there when you need him/her and stay through the duration. A "true" friend is a rarity!
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Good morning all!

Sometimes you can't tell, Justice14.

You just have to work on building a solid relationship (whether it is with a man or a woman) very carefully and then work through the small everyday incidents that befall you together, one at a time. In the midst of the most horrible things that can happen to us in our everyday lives, including deaths in the family, accidents, dishonesty, illness, being taken advantage of by others or the loss of a job, just to name a few, it's very hard to know, but when it happens, and I can't explain the feeling, you will know.

I though it happened. May I share please?

I had a girlfriend, and we were very close for about 12 years. This is important to know – my mother died in April, six months before I got married.

I had asked this very close friend of mine to be the maid of honor at my wedding many months before, and she accepted. The night before our appointment for the fittings of the bridesmaid's dresses I got a phone call from this long-time friend of mine saying that I was causing her health problems (which she outlined) with a bunch of other nonsense thrown in for good measure, and that she could not be in my wedding after all. She was actually quite rude, come to think of it. Hmmm.

I was very understanding and polite about the whole thing because choosing the road to stress just wasn't in the picture for me at that time; I had enough on my plate planning my wedding. I told her that my stupid wedding wasn't worth the health problems it was causing her and that I understood and accepted that she could not be in my wedding. That wasn't the response she was expecting and it threw her for a loop. We hung up and never spoke again.

Well, that's not entirely true. I did call her a few times after that to check on her "conditions", to see if she was feeling better and if there was anything I could do for her. She was very curt and was very ill-at-ease during my calls and she tried to end them all promptly, but I wouldn't let her.

Sometimes you catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar, but sometimes the bees just don't like the honey!

I will tell you something that I've always known though, God is just.

This former friend of mine got married six months after me and honestly, I have never seen it rain so hard so fast!!

And every year since on her anniversary it rains just as hard as it did on her wedding day in New Jersey! I love it!!
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I love your question and hope that  my answer inspires you to develop at least one close friend.  I have a friend of 54 years.  Others 45 years, 33 years and 27 years. 

I have absolutely full confidence and love for each of them and know that they are loyal and truly close friends.

When I first met my friends, I liked each of them.  They liked me.  We began as casual friends.  I nurtured the friendship initially more than  they did by phone calls, asking for times for coffee/tea or movies or community events.  With two, church was important to both of us. 

Now, I live far from each of them but continue to call, receive their  calls, send cards for special occasions, receive cards for special occasions, and enjoy the pleasure visits with them when possible (except the deceased friend whom I shared for 27 years).  One is my age and we met in 8th grade and recently shared great time at our 50th class reunion.  The one of 45 years met me and my family at church, invited us for visit after evening church and we as families spent hundreds of visits together.  The one of 33 years is single and we have shared a million times together making trips to our families who live 100 miles apart in a different state.

Each of them share personal things with me and I share personal things with them.  I never worry that such things will be told to others nor  be held against me.  Our faith, loyalty and friendship love is real and will last to the grave.  At that time or when they may have serious illness, I will be there.  They will honour me too.  And either of us will grieve if we lose either of us to death, as we will.

It is not possible though to call many friends as 'BEST FRIEND' and it important to know the difference so that you are not hurt---by, for instance, when they or you move a distance away or no longer work together, AND never hear from them again.

To have a friend like you want is to be a friend like that.  Usually you know that any person is a true friend is when you yourself are a true friend.
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Friendship is such a relation between two persons that is based upon love, zeal and selfless affection. The true relationship of friendship is as parallel as kin relationship. A devoted friend stands by his friends is every thick or thin.

A true friendship is quite a rare thing now days. Most of the peoples make friendship in order to obtain wordily gains. Their friendship is based upon greed and wickedness they always priority to their interests as advantages.

Friendship is the natural requirement and instinct of every human, One can not be happy without having friends. But one should be careful and thoughtful while making friends. Before making friend one should peep insight his or her friend. One should investigate the character, manners behaviour and nobility of the friend. Friendship is relationship that teaches the spirit of sympathy, affection, sacrifice and mutual & coordination. One should keep company with true and devoted friends, as they are bane for him, as well as for the society.

Friendship is the name of mild emotions and true spirits. A true and selfless friendship while a false and selfish friendship is a curse. Sooner or later it causes problems, pains and miseries. A true friendship is source of pride to friends.

Famous quote for friendship:

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."
- Walter Winchell
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A true friend is one who never hurts the other fren. Also a true friend is one who never hides anything to us. H/She shares everything with us and makes us happy.Also H/She will never bore us and give us a company in each n every matter v enter into.More importantly a true friend is one who could understand our feelings n emotions by looking at our face!!
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You will always find out your true friend when you spend time apart. If you hear from them it means they care. A true friend will be there with you through the good times, and stick by you through the bad!
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I can say when a person is always with you when in crisis or in happiness, and openly tell his opinions, when you do something right or wrong is a true friend.
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A true friend will tell you the truth when it hurts. The pain will be less later than when a lie is told. Friends are truthful no matter the circumstance. That is a friend.
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There is a joke that a friend will bail you out of jail, but a real friend will be sitting next to you in the cell saying "We sure had a hell of a time!" Or a friend will go to the gates of hell for you, but a real friend will go through. True friends accept you for whom and what you are, no qualifications or questions asked. True friendships endure over time and distance. True friends do not judge you. They take you, warts and all. They love you unconditionally and expect nothing in return when they do something for you. You can seek them out any time of the day or night. You can talk to them about anything, and you can even fight with them. You can be totally truthful with them and never be embarrassed.

The best friend I ever had lived in Ohio. I lived over 500 miles away in New York. When she got cancer, I dropped everything, told my boss I was leaving, and flew there to be with her. I stayed with her for a week. I'd get to the hospital in the morning and stay until late at night. I had to leave after a week, but spoke to her on the phone a couple of times a week. I finally got the call from her husband telling me she wasn't expected to last the weekend. Once again I flew to Ohio. I didn't get to the hospital until about 10 the following night. I swear she waited for me to get there. I saw it in her eyes. She died around two hours after I arrived. I later found out that I was the only non-family member she wanted to see. We were friends for 25 years, and I know she would have done the same for me. The strange thing is that we didn't get off on the right foot the first time we met. I didn't like her at all. That changed quickly. After 13 years, I still miss her. She will always be with me.

I hope this helps to answer your question.
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Friends!!! What an attention-grabbing topic to talk upon! This is the aspect on which I can spend hours and hours talking and chitchatting about friends- how to win our friends and transform them from friends to real true buddies!

Friends are those chaps who are there to help you and aid you at every single step of your much bountied and sanctified life. They are the ones who lend you their comfortable shoulders to cry upon when you are low, poignant and distressed. They are the ones who scream and yell and celebrate your successes and achievements.


They confide in you and will never blurt out your secrets in front of everyone no matter how pity or stupid your secrets are!

A real friend is one who stands up for you and defends you when the entire world has turned their faces from you. He or she will be the one who will tell you that no matter what the world says, you are still the world's most lovable and charismatic soul!
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As the saying goes:"A friend in need, a friend indeed". This is true and tested. A good friend always accommodate his/her friend and respect feelings. A long term association or friendship only last longer or forever if at least one of the friend understand the other and extend maximum help in time of need.

Though a friendship should not put to test. As some time it may bring pain and sorrow !
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As an old saying goes:A friend in need is a friend indeed.

You can have some tests on your friends,something like borrowing some money from them...But please pay attention,if you test one of your friends you thought that he(she) was you BFF,and the result says you are wrong,you may be sad for some time.
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A true friend is a person who speaks the truth in love, exhibits love through actions, is not judgemental, and seeks the wisdom from the Word of God before giving advice. A true friend is a peacemaker, sees a need without having to be told, and extends whatever help they are able to give without having to be asked. A true friend lets you save face, and doesn't break a confidence. A true friend angers slowly and forgives quickly--Exhibit A--Jesus Christ! Be Blessed!
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I think that you know a true friend when they stay by your side through thick and thin,if they are there your whole life they are your true friend,but if in the end they refuse you as their true friend then yall ain't down like that no more.
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They don't go off with your boyfriend or girlfriend`s, or wife or husband. And always there for you even at 4 am.
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You can tell some body is a true friend by having them care for you and you care for them... Or if you guys trust each other.
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I think a true friend will be there for you no matter what. I agree with luke137, that a true friend will tell you the truth, even if it hurts.
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A true friend has many demensions of understanding, devotion, honesty (especially when it hurts) and the ability to know you inside and out. I love a quote that I read by Walter Winchell "A friend walks in when others walk out." How true that quote is. True friends stand by you in the brunt of the storm, let you cry on their shoulder, console you when you need it and go to have fun with you. There are so many ways to see a true friend, its really how you define them and yourself. You want true friends in your life, you start out as one yourself. It's give and take. I've got friends that I call "Forever Friends" they are like my sisters to me and I'll bend over backwards for them like I know they would for me. We confide in one another, talk nonsense, the works. They've been my friends since my school days...which are long gone now. It's good to have friends like that. To have them be a God given gift.
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Well, just by looking at situations that you have been through. If someone has been there for you through not only the good times but also the bad times then he is a real friend. But if he only seems to be there for the good times only then he isn't a real friend. Real friends are always there no matter what the situation is. I hope this helps you.
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A friend is one who can be silent with you in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with you in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing, not curing, not healing and face with you the reality of your powerlessness, that is a friend.
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Hi we can know our friends who are real or not, we can understand and realise them by their character, mind and faith. actually a real friend is a friend who can help or can give us the good advice, be able to share difficult with us ,as we have different mind and thought so the important is also ourselves because helping each other is important.
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A real friend will be there to help you when you need it most even at the detriment to themselves.
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I learned in Vietnam that it's easy to make enemies! But it's HARD to make friends unless you try!

Think about what I said, and you'll know the answer.
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This is a really good question to ask because a lot of people get hurt by trusting the wrong people, and when a real true friend come into his/her life he/she would not know how to act toward the real friend. I have had many important people (to me) walk in and out of my life and when my real friend came into my life I treated him so bad and went against him all the time. I just got mad at him for stupid reasons and when he tell me that something is wrong with me or outfit I would say that he is "hating" on me when he was just trying to help. My family members tried to turn me away from him and the people in the streets also because they were saying that we were a couple and I did not like that but we still strucked by each other. After all the bad things that I have done to him and how bad I have treated him(like my personal-slave) he is still beside me. Now that's what you call a real friend because he understood that everyone else that I trusted with my heart crushed it and I had to give it some time with him(sounds like we are a couple...LOL). Now we are like two peas in a pot, white on rice, etc. We are together 24/7 and have grown on each others family and when people see one of us they say "Where is the other one, I know he is not far behind!!!!!
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I think that's a good question you asked I have been facing that same problem too but now I'm over I known if my friend was real is that when its hardship she always by my side to help me stand up and also give you good advices and one who  you can trust .I believe that a friend is good to keep but not a best friend they can disown you when they finish using you.
Thank you,hope you take what I say into consideration.
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If you want to find a real friend then either do some sort of business with him or go on travel with him somewhere. You will judge yourself whether your friend is real or not.
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The real friend understand your situation even if you are guilty ,and he/she makes you recognize between the right and the false actions , and the most important thing is : He/she doesn't make you feel that he/she possess you as a toy
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If they spend a lot of time with you and trust you a lot. That is how I got my girlfriend.
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There is no right or wrong answer. You can't tell a friend by appearence, just by actions. I got my heart broken 3 times I'm glam girls so check me out I heart you. By, alicia rivera

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