How do you find true friends?


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Well you can't really find a true friend because it's not like they're standing there for all to behold and get. The most important thing in obtaining a true friend is to make friends. Of course you have to search for the right people to be your true friend but that comes later after you have made enough friends.

So what I mean is that you can't just wait until someone comes to you and says they want to be your true friend. You have to put yourself out there and make friends first. No one ever starts out being a true friend. Everyone just starts out being friends. But as you grow closer to your friends, you can see who are good friends and who are just plain friends. Then from those who you consider good friends, you can get closer to them and see who you can relate to the most and who you can support and will support you back. Those types of people then you can narrow down to the best friends and possibly true friends category. So in order to get true friends, you first need to start out with just regular friends. Having a true friend takes time so I'd keep trying to get closer to all your friends and see who you like being with the most and who is the most compatible with you.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

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It takes time but when it happens you will know!

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True friends can be hard to come by. In my
experience you may not find out who your true friends are until you
are older, and you have spent a lot of time with these people.

Finding friends is easy, you can meet them at any
time and anywhere, but only by spending time with them will you find out
if they will always be your friend.

You can find out if someone is a true friend by
looking out for a few things:

  • Does your friend compliment you and route for
    you to do things that make you happy? A true friend will always be
    happy for you and be positive about the things you do.

  • A true friendship is two sided. When you have
    a conversation make sure you are both doing the talking and the

  • Make sure your friend has time for you. If
    they make excuses when you want to meet up and they choose to go out
    with other people, then chances are they are not a real friend.

  • Are you comfortable being with them? A true
    friend is someone that you can talk to you about anything. You won't be afraid to make a fool of yourself in front of them.

  • Even if you have not seen a true friend for a
    long time, when you do see them it should be like no time has
    passed at all.

  • Seeing this person should make you feel happy, and you should always look forward to seeing them.

You can't really 'find' a true friend, as in reality you
should be finding each other. The best relationships don't require working on - they will come naturally and easily.

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