How Do You Find True Love?


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You find it from the heart! You will know for sure, when you are really and truly in love with somebody. You will care about what they do, where they are, what they think of you etc.. But most of all you will know exactly what makes each other happy. The good times and the bad, you will go through it together and come out the other side better than before!! You will stick together no matter what anyone else thinks, or who tries to break you up. Loving somebody is about you and that other person else. When your in love you feel like the world has lifted off your shoulders and life cant get no better because you with that one special person :D
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You are talking about true love in a relationship, right? There is no dictionary entry for "true love" that will apply directly to your life.

That said, I believe that finding love is a process of realization and humility. There are some important steps along the way. I believe a person's first instinct is like a baby -- to want to receive love, to be loved by someone else. I don't mean this in a negative way. It is natural. A baby is helpless and they need to be loved by someone else. But we are not babies.

The first realization is that if you receive love, someone else has got to give it. Why should someone else give it? That's an important question, isn't it? Is it fair to ask them to give love to me, if I do not also readily give love to them?

The first thing you learn is that love, or a relationship, is a two-way street. As much as I am willing to put in, is as much as I will be able to get out, of a relationship.
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We all have heard and read about true love and also love. Some people believe true love exists and some think it doesn't, some believe it only existed years ago. If you turn back the pages of history you will see that the history produced a number of true lovers over the time, and which the world has witnessed too. True love is like the air, you can not see it but it is there, and it does exist. The people who fall in love and get the opportunity to love someone and being loved in returned is just so amazing and it's a beauty in its self. It is an ever lasting feeling, which does not decrease with the passage of time but increases with the passage of time.

Love is like a poison but it works slowly and dangerously. It love is two sided then it can be heaven on earth but if it is one sided then it can prove to be more painful then hell. Everybody falls in love one way or the other. It is love and only love which shows one the true meaning of life. Love has the power of making an evil turn into human again. So you see it is the greatest blessing. Lucky are those who have someone they love, and are being loved in return. You do not need to search for true love, but love makes its way to you.
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I don't think you can find true love, I think IT finds you.
And when it does you'll know what it is.
You don't have to look everywhere for it, I think it'll happen in the place or time.
Don't be to anxious to find true love because you may think it's the real thing and its not and you're going to be the one to pay for it.

Enjoy life and when it happens you'll know it was worth the wait.
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Try Myspace! No, is how I met my husband 4 years ago. You truly find love,(well it finds you), when you least expect it, I know I wasn't looking for it and definitely on Myspace, but hey, you never know!
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Well there are many ways which you can use in order to find the true love. The first and most important thing in finding a true love is that you can find a true love by searching around the people who are desperate of love and never been loved by anyone. These kind of people always look for the love in their life. So you can find your love whenever you have an affair with anyone you can just make her/him understand that how much you love to him/her. You can check that whether the person also love you in the same manner so if the person really love you at the same time its mean that he or she truly loves you. So try to discover that person so that you can easily find the person whether he has true love with you or he is a fake.

If during your affair any person who claims that he love you if he ask from you to have sex that means that he just want something else from you and do not have any love for you.
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The key is to stop looking for true love. It will find you.
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Well i do agree because i really do believe that being in love you aren't suppose to believe what anybody say about your partner.Love is everything to me.
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In fact the true love found me.
I think you try to be good all the time. It is enough
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If you keep on searching for true love, maybe you'll succeed one day, the beauty lies in the fact that one should be standing still and let love find him/her, and that's what you call true love my friends.....
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How i found my boyfriend is a pretty cute story. I had a crush on him he learned stuff about me and started to like me, and asked me to the Halloween Dance. Then asked to be his girlfriend. LOL but love has it's harsh times so for all you ppl out there when a person breaks your heart, a person who you really trusted and loved don't be scared go back out into the world and find another! You never give up! Always be proud and always walk with your head held high! Who knows maybe you'll find a better lover than before.

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