What Are The Characteristics Of True Love, And How Do You Know For Sure You Have Found It?


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True love is all different things to different people and it's been the thing the majority of people will always hope comes their way. True love isn't only for the young, all ages seek it!
true love is exactly what it says - love that is true and honest in all ways. Within a relationship only one partner may feel that they have found true love, in this case is it then really true love. Some people seek true love through religious beliefs and this is the feeling of truly loving their God and having this love returned through the feelings they get from their faith.
True love is surely one when there is wonderful feeling of warmth, trust, happiness, security, caring, and what ever else happens in the world knowing that you care and someone else cares for you unreservedly. True love will have no conditions and absolute trust, never betrays always supports and lasts a lifetime.
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'True love' is what everyone on this planet yearns for. It is what most people spend a lifetime searching for. It can be thought of as devotion in addition to action, not merely an emotion. It is best described as the purest form of love which is unconditional and selfless. If you look you I Corinthians 13:4-8a, in the Bible you will discover a passage dedicated to describing that elusive emotion called love.

It is a basic human emotion describing feelings and desires. While you find various quizzes and the like claiming to be able to actually advise you whether you have stumbled upon "true love" understand that it is only your heart that can tell you that.

True love is the stuff most literature, poetry, art, movies, music and the arts in general are based on.
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The only true love is loving God
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I'm going to answer you with my opinion. I have to tell you as a Christian, I see true love in what Christ did for all people, dying on the cross at Calvary for our sins. If you have not seen the movie "Passion of the Christ," I recommend it. It shows how much Jesus loved, to willingly lay down his life in that painful way.

Anyhow, that said, I believe that true love has as a characteristic that it is a two-way street. Both partners give love, not just want to receive it. I said in an earlier answer that you have a realization that love is something you have to give, and not just receive.

So it is a choice. Both partners want the best for the other person, unconditionally. Both people are willing to sacrifice their pleasures and their energy spent on self, for the sake of the other person. That is the most important characteristic of true love.
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Sacrifcing for each other, no fear of loosing the other, speaking your mind to each other
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True love is that can eat can't sleep unless you are next to that person.  Instead of your heart beat beating at a rapid speed it skips beats when knowing of that persons arrivals.  Both you get along great and have excellent communication skills,  All he wants is to know what's good with you and the same for him..  All you both care about is the feeling you have for each other not what everyone else has to say  or think.
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I know that's right . It doesn't matter what anyone thinks when it comes to the one you love. No one truly understands the way you feel, and sometimes even you don't understand. But its a risk worth taking!
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When you feel so deeply about someone, when you look at him you get chills, and butterflies in your tummy. True love is when you love one person and only that one. True love is when you only want him to kiss you, and you only want him to touch you, and you only want him to hold you. And you can't get over that person know matter what! That is true love!!
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True Love, is really a best friend  which last a life time. Not some chill, or heart pounding experience. True Love finds you, and if your not aware you'll miss out.
All those emotional feelings grows as the years passes by, just like the beginning.
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Love is so many things. To everyone it may be a little different. To me its when everything just clicks. You and your partner not only get along well but everything just feels right. When you see that other person you just can't help but smile and tell yourself how lucky you are. You are willing to give her anything and everything, but you never have to because she never needs you to. Your most precious possession is the time spent with her and she could give you nothing greater then that as her gift to you. Its when you can sit with that person and not say a word to each other but still hear so much. There is not set sign to know when you're in love, you just can tell.
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When you actually don't ask this question anymore. It becomes simply evident to you when it happens.
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I think if you're asking yourself if what you're feeling is true love you probably are in love
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When like someone it depends in which thinking you like if is a love in first side to someone.
  the true love on my point of view is something your heart wants to love most.
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I think true love is the warm feeling in your stomach, the thing that makes your heart skip a beat every time you see him. The thing that makes it hard to tear your gaze from his eyes. At least that's with me and this one guy, but I don't know if its true love. Feelings are so complicated. I'm not even sure if he likes me, but evidence shows he might. Sorry I am making this about me, but my heart seems to be all scrambled up at the moment.
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True love is when you know for sure that you care for this person and you care for what they want and need more than for yourself. You'd die for this person so that they can have a wonderful life no matter what. Houstonguy is right, when you don't have to ask this question about whether you truly love someone, then you'll know it's true. True love is a gift that has to be given or received. It has to build up in time. True love is a gift from God, so cherish it.
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True love to me is somethng that you do not know.it just happenz but the more your inlove the more you seek attention in may wayz and some might just end up letin you down.there many different explanationz about no one can tel you the right one but you will know the right answer to what is true luv when time goes byg
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When you see that person or talk to them your heart pounds 1m per second. And you can't get enough of them and always want to be with them
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Love means different things to different people. For me , its wanting to spend the rest of my life with someone forsaking all others. :)
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True love is when you are confident with your relationship that you are the only one he loves.
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Here is no text book answer to know whether you have found true love when YOU have found it you will know, everything else is just an opinion:-)!!!!
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True love is when someone you love loves you back and only you. You will definatly know when She or hes the right one.
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It is just a feeling, when you feel happiness, feel comfortable with the one, then perhaps he is your love

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