How Do You Know When You've Found Your True Love...?.


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Fred Hamill answered
You know you've found your true love when...
You just know, plain and simple. You are always thinking of them, hoping they had a good day, and if they didn't then you are never too busy to be there for them; because you care about them more than yourself, more than anything.

Everything reminds you of them, even a simple love song. You start to pick up their habits, even the annoying ones. When they are hurting then you hurt too, because you never want to see them in pain or upset. You are able to tell them anything even your darkest secrets that no one else knows about.

And when you won't tell them, for some reason, they won't leave you alone until you do, because they care and love you so much and want to help you. When you think of your future they are always in it, no doubt about it; because there is no other person that you would rather share it with.

All you want to do is talk about them to other people and they become all you want and all you can think about. Anyone who finds their true love will tell you it's better than winning the lottery!
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charlie dolton answered
When it doesn't matter how long you've been together you still smile when you see them. When they are the first thing you think of in the morning and the last at night.
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Suhail Ajmal answered
Your heart is the only witness of this question. Follow your heart and you will come to know the right person for you. Love is blind. Don't run after glamor. Appearances are often deceptive.
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DANIEL V answered
Well I think its when, you get mad with her or him and then just by looking in there eyes the problem is solved, you laugh all the time, you know when she or he is feeling weird about something, you don't need for them to speak when you know whats going on, you connect instantly and you feel you know them for such a long time, even if its the first time you met him or her.

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