How Do You Know When You Have Found Your Soulmate, And How Long Do You Have To Know The Other Person To Be Sure?


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When I met the person I believe is my soul mate it was instant connection. I was not looking for anyone and the second our eyes met in one beat of my heart I knew this person was my soul mate, the one I was to spend the rest of my life with. That night I had a vision of an old man with a cane walking towards me and I realized that this old man was a vision of my soul mate and it was then that I truly realized he was indeed my other half. I just felt it deep within my being without a doubt. That he was whom I was searching for all my life. It was as if the final piece of my puzzle had been joined to complete as a whole... I knew in my heart that from this point on everything would be ok. And all my world was at peace. 8 months later I still feel the same way. We have never had any fights, we have the same likes, beliefs, totally trust each other and are not afraid to share our deepest thoughts. I don't believe that everyone has a soul mate out there but when you do find that person you will know that instant. Its kind of like two magnets joining together... One of completeness.
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When I met my Soul mate it felt like I have met him before but I've never did so the second time when me and him was finally alone that's when I felt sparks and I was trying to control it and tried to tell my self knock it out and stop it! And we was just both staring at each other and didn't say nothing at all.. But I remember that I got scared and I felt like I wasn't ready and maybe he was ready but it wasn't time yet ... I could see right through him and I could tell what kind of guy he was.. And it was just hard when you could feel whats going on but not get a answer!!! It was on April when I met him and on may 3 that's when it all happen...
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You wont know,you will feel and see it.You must also remember my friend that,if it its too good to be true,it probably isn't.Its just in if you and you partner believe in the same things.Dreams,Goals,Marriage,Family,etc.,then work on that.
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I can't tell you, it's quite unexplainable. We fought so much and yet we still ha ha after all those fights stayed strong together as friends or lovers it was hard to tell due to his commitment phobia. I've known this guy for 18 years, I can't believe after all this time we are still best-friends. I didn't know if he was a soul-mate, I never thought of the idea in the beginning when I first met him at work. Funny thing...I got transferred from another job to this one where we met, hm. And, when we did meet, it just felt like instant connection, the friendship it's hard to really explain! Then from took probably years before I started to feel hey could he possibly be my soul-mate or twin flame. At once, I never felt so sure in my life that he was the one. Tht is all I can tell you.
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To me soulmates are two poeple who care deeply for one another and can share their deep dark secrets with each other without being judged. They are always the other's champion, standing up for each other in all situations. When you find your soulmate you will know it deep in your soul. As far as how long before you know, I believe the longer you go together before making a lasting commitment the better it gives you a chance to establish trust and without that it will not endure.
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I most certainly agree! My soulmate hit me out of the blue! We get along so wonderfully. Now she is faced with ending it with her husband...and I with ending it with me girlfriend. We hate to have to hurt other people but the love that we share just cannot be explained away! My advice to anyone is that should they find their soulmate then they are to drop EVERYTHING and seek that individual! Life is too short to live substandard.......

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