I'm Looking For An Old Friend, I Don't Remember Her Last Name Or School She Went To. How Else Do I Find Her?


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To find a friend, whose last name you can't remember, may prove a little challenging but it is not impossible.
You do not say which country you live in, however there is a great web site www.friendsreunited.com that was started by two people some time ago, and was listed as a hot investment, it was recently bought for in excess of a million pounds, so, many people need the services that you need.
You must start by thinking of other details you can use to locate her.
Where was she when you were friends? Living in which suburb? What was her job and at what company?Was she single, was she married, Can you remember the names of some of her friends? Where did her parents live?
When you have gathered the infomation you have about her.
Then go online to find a friend websites, or advertise in the classifieds in the newspapers or magazines, of the city involved.
You will be suprised who responds with information
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You could join the website Genes Reunited and see if she's registered with the site or you could put a message out for her there.

You could also join a site like E Roll which for a subscription allows you to search the electrol roll for UK.
If she's married and changed her name you might have to search the General register Office lists to see if you can find her marriage. This can be done on Ancestry and 1837 online for a fee.
If you don't know her last name this will be difficult. You could go to the district she lived in and ask old neighbours or put an add in local paers asking for anyinformation about her with all the information you have.
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I'm looking for an old friend, I don't know his last name or the school he attended
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Zena Corette

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