What Makes A Person Forget Appropriate Words To Say During A Conversation Only To Remember Them Long After The Conversation.?


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Its basically hormonal. There is this hormone that makes you forget appropriate words to say during conversation. I forgot the name but I'm pretty its hormonal.
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Chiwaye Zumba
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thats not true.its because the informaion will be in the sub conscious and the retrieval system works slowly
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There's a name for it. Dang. I came here looking for it. Problem is, when you forget words, you can never remember the word that describes your problem
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It's not Alzheimer's Disease. It's not Aphasia.

It's Lethologica.

It's terrible esp when you're in an interview, get asked a question and then when you're halfway through your sentence you couldn't finish it because you just forget the word to use. It's like your brain just went blank.

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