What do Women want to be loved for?


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Nto all girls are like that.
Those are girls that take things for granted an expect there man to do everyting for them.
You want a girl that isnt like that
find a girl with some Independence that will do things her self
my bf takes me out on dates,but thats hte extent of what he does,do i care?
No its the gesture that count
the point he is trying to do something nice an that i like.
I would not leave a guy because he didnt like to clean or what not,
honestly its the womens job to be the home maker
an the mans job to support the house.
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Penny Kay
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Apparently I did not Phrase the question right. When many women ask 'Why do you love me', they get a list of chores that we do for the guy. I don't want to be loved because my spouse hates to make his own coffee or do his own laundry. I want to be loved for who I am. You can get anyone to make coffee, you can take your laundry to a cleaners, I want to know, 'what about me is lovable'.
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For being who they are nurtures, caring, independant, strong, witty, being everything a man isnt. Lol.
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Because we have feelings.  Women are emotional people due to our hormones.
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Chores I think :D hmm it can be money you usually a man liked you because of their reasons don't always have to be look.
I thought well woman should be working making the meals and the rest depends upon you guys
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My husband would tell me he loved me mostly because I made him laugh when he least expected it, my independence, how thoughtful I was to him and how I used to flirt with him and he made me a better person.

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