How do I know my crush likes me?


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Baby Cakes answered
You'll just know. If you don't then I’m sorry but that means
he/she doesn't like you.
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John answered
It will be obvious, if you look at their face and into their other words what do you look like when you have a crush on someone, what do you feel like? My guess is that they are not far different from what your crush is feeling towards you and how they would be acting. What's that word" twitter pated”. I am surprised with the internet and twitter/tweeting that no one uses the word twitter pated/understands the meaning of it.
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Viva La Vida answered
Does he
1. Look at you differently
2. Blushes when you are around or when people ask him if he likes you
3. Asks you to slow dance
4. Stares at you
5. Gives you a compliment
6. Stand by you alot
7. Talk about you with his friends or your friends
8. Giveyo u his full atention in a group.
If he does two or three of these things he probably likes youu. It might help if you ask him when you two are alone. By the way my crush does all these things so it might be different for your crush.
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Maxine Chan answered
When his face turns red and when he is always checking you out:)

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