My bff asked my crush if he like me he said no his sis came nd asked the same thing he said no not rite now i askd him if he like me then he lookd down nd lookd sad nd shook his head no did he do tht bcuz he nose he will not see me again 4 another yr?


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Arthur Wright answered
The worst thing anyone can do to another is put them on the spot by asking stupid questions like this. No one ever gets the correct answer as they feel ambushed and embarrassed to answer so theyll almost always say no to avoid any further embarrassment. This type of question also makes you out to be desperate and having little or no confidence in yourself so it is a double edged sword question that should never be asked and is one sure way to scare someone off
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Kristen Lidow answered
I thin he did... If he looked sad when he said no then heprobably really does like you, he just doesn't want to see you go:)

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