Is Love More Important Than Friendship?


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* Friendship, even I can leave a lover for an important friend, I did it ! *

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This is not wrong statement if one says that love and friendship are alternative terms. Both have their own charms and the answer to their importance varies from situation to situation and even gender to gender. For a woman, love is everything. If she has true love in her life then she will never go for friendships (either male or female). But this aspect also varies because a few women want a friend (instead of love) to sob and to share life matters but a few women always prefer to share everything to the one they love.

While regarding men, in most of the cases it has been observed that they always need a friend besides their beloveds in their lives because they think that the one they love can not understand them properly. In fact the reason is that a man does not want to show the weaker part of his personality to his beloved while he can share all the things with his friend (either male or female).

So there is no hard and fast rule to measure the importance of love over friendship or friendship over love. Both can have importance from various aspects in one's life. But if we talk about regardless of gender and situation then we can say that if the friendship is sweeter then love is the sweetest.
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You want to know that love is important than friendship or not. In fact the answer is a big 'NO' because it has some certain good logics behind. And friendship is more important than love. Now you want to know why? Then I'm here to tell you this. You know when you love someone it is not necessary in this relation that you are also the friend of the person you're in love. But when it come to the friendship it is necessary that you love your friends without loving your friends you can't befriend anyone. So friendship is more important than love.
I want to share a quote here I've read about friendship and love. It states that once love and friendship met in a way and they have had the conversation. Love asked the friendship, "when I'm here for people then why are you also here?" and friendship replied that for making people laugh when you leave them weeping. This quotation really touches the deep philosophy behind the friendship. And it is said that friends are angels who lift us when our wings are not able to make us fly. So friendship is always more important than love.
As I've already mention that there is always love in friendship. But there is not always friendship in love. This is the fact you and I, we both can't deny. I hope, it is clear to you.
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Love and friendship are two different and separate things, and we should not mix them. I was a friend with my college mate, we share the same goals, and we helped each other. We talk a lot about different issues and we felt comfortable with each other.. Slowly I was attracted to her in a different way and I fell deeply in love. Then she rejected me, and she explain me why. I fell very bad and I had a broken heart. She told me that she could only be my friend and that she wouldn't go farther than that. I stopped seeing her. I couldn't see her as my friend after she rejected me, because she was not my friend anymore, she was my love (well, that is what I like to happen). I felt much better after we separate ways.I cannot be a friend of a person who rejected me. Love marks the end of a friendship.
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Boys/girls come and go, friends will be there forever
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TRUE LOVE does not come and go. Wait. You will find your true love, everyone has one. Everyone has someone waiting for them♥
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+alexia smith NO! both of them can either stay forever or go.
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It really does depend on whether the friendship is strong or the love is real. If your friendship is both then it's just both. But, both friendship and love are equally important. Although friendship is a lifetime, while love is everlasting.
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It can depend on how strong the bond is between you and your partner. I believe that you need to have a strong friendship in order for love to happen if you want it to be ever lasting.
So they are both so important, love gives you that feeling that makes you feel whole and complete, friendship gives you trust that you have a friend as well as a partner in you life.
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I think love and friendship are both important. If you have known your friend longer than you have known your boyfriend then I would choose my friend. Can't all of you guys get along and hang out with each other? I would chouse both if I could.
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Friendship !!! Even I could leave a lover for an important friend, I did it ! That's purely and simply in the essence of Love.  Because all relationships should be based on trust, honesty and communication - something friends have built in.
An ideal relationship is between best friends who love each other.  I never regret, but I must bear it all, because I have hurt the one who loved me. I am sorry !
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Well I would say that love is the most essential part of each and every relation in the world, one can't live a satisfied life without love, and friendship is a relationship which needs the fragrance of love and the shade of trust.

A human being can't live without love and also the friendship, because when you are alone then you need a loving friend who can listen to you and release your tension and can solve your problem, with these two things human being is very alone and can't live in this materialistic world.

Moreover I would say that at some extent one can live without friend but can't live without love because it's the food of our soul, the person who can't love, then also can't make friend. Usually we made many friends in our life, who left behind, and also friendship can break and move on but, the one whom we love stay forever in our heart we can't forget the one who is dear to us.

This is the good luck of a person that, whom, a person loves, is also the friend of a person.
I will end my words with these saying: "The sum of respect is love, The sum of love is relation,The sum of relation is a good friend."
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No, friendship is most better than love. But, both love and friendships are two parts in our life.
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Importance of different things varies in man's life according to his or hers environments, conditions, liking and disliking. People prefer different things on other things and they have different choices in their mind. As far your question that is love more important than friendship, I would like to explain it in the following way.

So far love is concerned, it has its own norms, conditions and attitude. A man involved in love does not care for other things like social conditions and customs and sometime even his close relations. The only thing in which he always remains occupied that is his or hers beloved and he cares only and only for his love.

On the other hand friendship demands different attitude, behaviour and discipline. In friendship you are not occupied or involved as you remain in love affairs. You have to only take care of the feelings and respect of your friend and at the same time you can involve yourself in other affairs of the world. Replying your question I will say that both love and friendship are important in man's life but preferences change from person to person.
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Well...which is more important - friendship or love is a theme, that can be discussed for weeks, months and even years without being reached any solution. In my view, is love more important and valuable than friendship is very relevant. I think that if someone hasn't got to know love would think that friendship is more important and vice versa. Personally for me love is more important, because if you LOVE someone and he or she loves you too, that means that you are friends too, because to love means to share all your secrets, dreams, goals and everything you have with someone else. And here comes the question - "So what is friendship then"? Probably for many of you this will sounds a bit stupid or inaccurate, but that's my way of thinking and I can't change it. I think that it's really and almost impossible to find a good and true friend, without loving him/her.
  I am really happy that I met the one I want to spend my life with, because he proved me that he will be there for me when ever I need him. But as everything in the universe one thing is at the expense of other. I mean that I have never had a real friend. I am really disappointed from many people, who I considered to be my "friends". They stabbed me in the back with no hesitation. I don't know about them but I deffinitely don't understand friendship (if exists) like this. That's why I think that love is not only more important than friendship, but it's also the most pure feeling in the world. Nothing compares to the magic, called love.
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Thats a very good question you have which is really talked about these days.

I personally believe friendship is far more important than love.

Now its not matter of choice I think but its matter of logical thinking.

Loving someone can really some time make you sacrifice a lot of things and with passage of time it can become into totally opposite if it is only love on which your relation is based on.

It is also not necessary that love can be bilateral all the time even if it is blood relation.

A person with whom you are friend with your always at ease and you can always or most of the time be yourself as well as express your true feeling towards a particular matter.

Be it your father,sister or some girl/boy you can be fully expressive but unlike this when your in extreme form of it and that love your always careful and fearful as well.

The fear is of losing that person by even on petty things.

I think a mix of both can make a perfect relationship be it with anyone.

Friendship can give you sense of loyalty to your company and loving gives you feeling of being part of what ever is going around and you deeply participate and enjoy.

Hope my comments are of use to you.

Take care.Bye
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My answer isn't going to be as in depth as the others, but I will say this: I don't feel love is more important than friendship only because I feel they play an equal part in relationships. Of course you can't tell your girlfriend you saw a hot girl checking you out, that is something you should only tell your friends. Still, being able to tell your girlfriend almost 100% like your best friends is very important. If you say to yourself "I love her, but I don't feel we're friends" or "We're such good friends, but I don't feel in love with him" then there's a problem. You need both!
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I think  love  is a exuse    because  sometimes it  does  not  last for ever   like  some people say   that  is  like  saying  money  is  imporant   than  your  son  which I  would  because I  had a  dad  like  it.
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Well, I think it depends on how you define the term "love", and which type you are talking about. There are many different forms of love: Familial love, romantic love, love for a friend, love for a place, love for a thought or idea or even way of life... All of them different, yet similar and entirely valid. What's more, many times they can overlap; you can be friends with a family member, just as you can (and should) be friends with a lover.

So if we are talking about which type of love is more important,friendship or romantic,  then I would say that friendship is more important – and immediate. When I say that, I mean that you can love someone as a friend without any romantic attachments whatsoever, yet you cannot love someone in a romantic sense without also thinking of them as a friend; and if you do, then it is highly unlikely that the relationship will last for any significant amount of time without falling apart.

Of course, significance mainly depends on the person – some would choose one over the other, to others the two are equal. Interestingly this seems to be strongly connected to where one grows up: For example, in the US many people see romantic love as the ultimate form of love, while for many in European countries, friends are more important – and lasting – than lovers. That being said, however, there is still a difference between personal significance – which would one rather have – versus importance – which is more vital to our health and wellbeing.

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Love is more important.. If love comes the time being spent together  with  frnd reduces and one day it will be completely stopped as there will be no time to spend with frnds....  Especially frndship between a boy and girl dies when love comes in.

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I've heard that "No greater love hath a man than this---that he lay down his life for his friend."

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That question is far too general to even answer given that there are many kinds and levels of love as well as many kinds and levels of friendship.

The only simple answer is it is hard to have one without the other .. Of any kind or level.

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We can't compare love with friendship. Each one has it's own greatness and importance. For me a friend is more important than lover
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LOVE IS REAL. People who say it isn't are broken hearts. They will heal eventually. ♥Believe in love♥
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I'm so confuse... Somebody help me... I donno whether my boy friend is cheating me or not... He jus don care abt me nowdays... N he always go n talk with another gurl ... He so close to tat gurl ... So I donno whether frienship is important or love????

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