Why Love Is More Important Than Money?


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LOVE-most definitely. We may all come into money once in a while but love is hard
to come by. Also, money can be replaced but to find true and special love is hard
in this world. LOVE :)
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I would have to say love...You can have all the money in the word and be unhappy, but if you have love you can be rich from it..and if you were to go broke your love would be right there..Two broke people happy because although they may have nothing they still have each other.
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You can be the richest person in the world and still not be happy. Your money will do you nothing if you don't have love. You can be in love with the most amazing person and be so happy, trust me you will give up all the money in the world when you're really in love.
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Everyone has their own opinions to this question. But I look at it this way that love is certainly a god gifted feeling and to imagine a world without love is like trying to breath without air. Yes money is important for survival but it does not mean one should be self centered around it. The  quality of human nature is to never be satisfied no matter how much we have it just never seems enough.. Sadly. All the material things we come across and buy to fulfill our desires will be left over after we're gone.. But to leave love for yourself beating in someones heart is a tough one to find. Only if more people took a second to realize and understand the value it holds.. Only love has the power of miracle. Believe it
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Love is beautiful and yet still blind. Money can see but chooses not to.
Love considers everyone, Money determines the rich from the poor
Love is more important by far
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Honestly, Love is more important than money.
But in this real world, money plays an important role too.
Love is almost like oxygen for us. That's the reason we live a meaningful life.
Love feeds our emotional needs, while money feeds our material needs.
We can't live without love and , obviously can't survive without money.
So for me, I would prioritize love than money.
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Definitely Love. The money will end up costing a person an awful lot. S/He will be getting into someone's bed and not feeling any love for that person which will become something they dread. Also the person will miss out on the opportunity to experience love with another person. I think a person would be shallow to choose money. I think a person's life shouldn't be centered around money and unfortunately, television and magazines cause some people to think this is what is important in life. Their motive is money.
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love is important love dose not see any thing but care sincere honesty love is for every one rich or poor can go for love love is blind love come from heart true love don't see any thing love dose not see face it come naturally if you are in love you just want to be that person
money is important for life specially now a days every thing so expensive has to have money there was a law from economics make money easy but spend hard but that law is not working now a days money can buy you every thing not love I guess money is important for every one life
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Yes, because money can't comfort you with friendship and trust only material things, you can't talk to money, get advice money money will not always be there for you
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You can't live with out money, at least not in the so called, civilised world you can't. Its not easy to live without love, but it but it is easier than living without money.
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I think money is better

Love can't sustain your life as well as money can.

Money in this world is critical.

We survive on earning
money and spending it on food, a house, and cars. While on the other hand what
can love give you? A house? Car ? Food? Good life? Not at all in this world. Money is
the most important thing.

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Love, definitely! I would rather have someone that loves me and cares about me then live in a life of money like some people think is good.
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I don't know... Thats why I came to this site. Seems like you guys don't know either. Lol
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Well my personal experience, is without money, no one loves anyone.
Todays world, I don't think so, any rich women can love a middle class man.
She will want a man of her standerds, or above.
All abt love is only in movies & stories, however it never works, out in todays real world.
If I am wrong prove it to me with proof.
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Both are equally important.  I love my husband, but now that we are married and have a child, it is important that he is also able to provide and work hard for us and with us.  Love alone is not enough and the number one cause of divorce is due to finances.  Both people have to work together has a team, because they love and honour one another but money in a marriage is also very important to sustain that love.
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You can't eat love .eating is more important shelter is more important . Money buys both basic human need come first
at the moment money because I want this...

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