Why Is Love Better Than Money?


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Love is better than money because it can guarantee the one thing that money can't: Happiness.

Why love is better than money
If you've ever seen a couple of people who are in love, the first thing you'll notice is that they are (annoyingly) very happy.

In contrast, you only need to look at the scowling faces of many of the world's multi-millionaires to know that cash doesn't buy you happiness.

The benefits of love (over money)
Don't get me wrong, money is a great thing to have. If you don't have enough to get by, life can become pretty miserable very quickly.

However, a big bank balance can't guarantee happiness. No matter how many worldly possessions you own, it's the people in your life who give you real joy. Cash will fill certain voids, but it will never buy true love.

Having someone to love, and who loves you back, is worth more than all the crude oil in Saudi Arabia. Yes, rich people tend to have attractive people flocking to them by the dozen but, as soon as the money dries up, the admirers tend to as well.

Real love runs far deeper, and is what people wake up for every morning (regardless of their credit card limit).
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Love is better than money because money, you spend. It eventually goes away and love does not.

Let's say you have a boyfriend and you have $1000. You ditch your man to spend it all on yourself, and when you do, there's nothing left. Love will always be there.

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