What Is More Important:friendship Or Money?


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wilbert u can call me sue Profile
Friendship of course, you can have all the money in the world, but if you have no friends to share it with, nothing will have meaning.  But if you have true friends, they will stand by you whether you are broke or not.  What you have in your pocket won't matter.  Beware of fair weather friends, these are the ones who are only around in good times, but desert you in bad times.
EMILY SEN answered
Well dear according to me friendship and money are both important in our life cause if you don't have money you wont be able to afford to go out with them and party and have fun ,and on the same hand if you don't have friends then you wont have anyone to share your secrets with and your sorrows and happiness .and trust me if you have both (money and friends ) then consider yourself the most happiest person in the world. :)
Paul william Profile
Paul william answered
Friendship is something money can't buy, so hold on to your friends
HKP hkp Profile
HKP hkp answered
Friendship is more important because money can be earn any time when it is lost. But friend can not meet again if friend lost...
Candace Obrien Profile
Candace Obrien answered

Of course friendship, You cannot buy friends, But you are free to have a friends and have money with them.

Megan goodgirl Profile
Megan goodgirl answered

I'm not going to lie so I will say money. I hope nobody hates me but that is just my opinion .

Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Money!!!!is more important than friendship.....because we should live for our self   first...its true..and making money is more easy than making a true making money is more important than making friends...make your money.....
durga devi Profile
durga devi answered
'No man is an island', 'Friends are forever', 'A friend in need is a friend in deed', are so last season.We must know that 'no money, no talk' Friends nowdays are fair weather comrades who are very difficult yo calculate on. Do you need friends who would be back stable or money which make the world go round? Well, I think wealth is important than friendship.
We can buy anything we have ever wanted such as cars, bungalows, love, life, happiness or even friends with money. Why can't we buy friends when we can even buy the world with money? This proofs that money comes first! Money can not only make our life meaningful & spacious but could also lead a fulfilling life. So what do you say? MONEY or FRIENDS?

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