What Do You Think Of Friendship?


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Friendship is a good thing and comes in many forms. Sometimes a friendship can turn into something much more, like a relationship. Also just because you are in a relationship with a person doesn't mean that you are not still friends. It takes a lot to keep a good friendship going, but it takes work from both ends of the friendship. Friendship can sometimes cause problems though. You may find that being friends with one person can make another person angry. Also, friendship can also cause jealousy. You may have a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband and find that your partner is jealous of your friendship with that person. If this happens you should talk to your partner and find out what the problem is. But in all friendship is a good thing to have. It can cause a person to feel good about themselves. Plus it usually is a lot easier to go to a friend and talk about things than it is to talk with a family member or loved one. You can say things to a friend you normally wouldn't say to your family or loved one.

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