Do You Believe In Friendship?


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I believe in friendship.since God made us a little bit imperfect that we can't manage to do all things by ourselves,then thats why we need friends.friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies that person who will come to you in times of prosperity  when invited and during adversity,he comes when uninvited.Friends are those people who  rebuke you in love however painful it may be.the bible says iron sharpens iron ,and so a friend sharpens a friend.thats why I treasure friends so much that I fear to lose one.friendship has a language which sis not of words but of meaning to those who are friends.
Yes, I believe in friend ship. I have given my last monies to help someone out, many of the times and gotten burnt.But I still do it any way, "I believe is carma." But I do believe it's hard to find a true friend that's always there for you, no matter what it is.
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Yes. I believe in friendship. As some of my relations friends helped them a number of times whenever they required their help in all matters. And also my brother (who is much interested to do social work) helped many poor people just with the help of his friends. In the similar way, my co-brother and brother-in-law maintaining a good friendship relationship from their childhood onwards.
Even I believe in friendship as my friends helped me for several times. But I am not continuing a good friendship relation, just because of my negligence.
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Yes I do believe in friendship.
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Yeah I do
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Yes I believe in friendship.I think the person having friend is very is a relation which the person makes by him self.
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Yes I do believe in friendship.   I have a very special friend who supports me all the time. If I do a mistakes, he doesn't hesitate in rectifying me.
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Yes ,I do believe in is the relation which is made by us and not by force .I do believe in it in which you can share openly your secrets and desires.

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