How Do You Ask A Girl To Be Your Friend?


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You can't just ask somebody to be your friend - if you tried, you'd probably ruin all chances of actually becoming friends with them. It's a little creepy, and kind of puts the other person on the spot.

How To Become Friends With Somebody
  • Start a conversation with them, as casually as possible. This could be asking what time it is, or commenting on the kid who just got sent out of class.
  • Make them laugh. This is one of the best ways to befriend somebody.
  • Spend time around them, so they're used to seeing you around - after a while, you'll end up saying hi to each other.
  • Smile at them whenever you see them.
  • Find out what you have in common.

Becoming friends with someone isn't something that happens instantly - it's a gradual thing. Be patient, and don't push her to be your friend. If you act all clingy and smother her, she won't want anything to do with you. Good luck!
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There is a link at the top of every blurter's page that says "add as friend" on it if you want to request their friendship and wait and see if they respond. If you already have someone as a friend, you will not be able to see this "link".
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You were here But I missed you AGAIN!
Have you seen Dorthy?

Earth to the Kid!
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Dorothy is hiding at the very end of my shoutbox...I will have to bring her out soon!
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Hmm if I really want to be friend with someone.. I ask them if I can be their friend.. And would spend time with them.. And just be me.. And if it won't work for some differences, maybe we aren't good as friends..
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Sorry but I may have worded it incorrectly,how do you go about requesting a friendship on blurtit........thank you for your answer....
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Oh.. I leave shouts and adding them up.. No problem.. =)

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