How can you make a girl as a friend to worry or be concerned about you?


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There is nothing you need to do or 'should' do ... If there is something to be concerned about and she is not concerned about you already than she is not really much of a 'friend' ..  You can't force her to care.

Demanding attention from a friend by creating an issue is not what friends 'do' ..  So if THAT is what you are thinking you want to do, then you need to rethink your own feelings and level of respect for her.

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Matt Radiance answered

You do not make anyone to feel anything.

Someone whether cares or not cares. It is as simple as that. You can not force people to care about you or play naive to make them find sympathy on you. Such movements are weakness.

You earn respect, and attention and care. You won't buy it by acting. Live your life, be a good friend, care and be there for her, be real, you might earn it back if she appreciate your present. A true friend will be concerned about you.

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Didge Doo answered

Wanting people to worry about you or be concerned about you will have the opposite effect. People who play the "poor me" game will very quickly find themselves alone.

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