How does one make a boy stop loving you but still be friends? Oh and also we haven't met in person yet and I've known him for 2 years do I can only talk to him on Facebook or text.


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Time to unplug, Molly.

You haven't met this person, therefore you DON'T know him, all you have is what he's told/texted you, which may or may not be true.  I wish I could clearly express to you how ridiculous (and potentially hazardous) it is for someone you never met to declare they "love" you, particularly as young as you are. They only love what they imagine about you. Pretty desperate stuff. This nonsense is how young girls get missing.

Be straight with loverboy, tell (well, text) him that he has no idea what love is if he thinks it happens via text and facebook. That's not love, sweetie. You should set the bar much higher than that.

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Molly is awkward
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No no I don't love him and I know a lot about him basically my whole family knows him but I just haven't met him in person yet because I've lived in a different state then him until resently when I moved here but I liked him for a while then stopped and just wanted him to stop liking me for personal reasons but still be friends?
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But I agree I don't exactly know who he is until I meet him. I do just need to unplug. I wish you knew the whole situation, but I'm not going to make excuses, thank you :)
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You're welcome. Play it smart, Molly. There are bad people out there.
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Since this isn't really love, there's nothing to stop  If you haven't met and spent actual time together physically, it's not really love 

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