What do it mean when a friend says she'll text you but haven't yet in 2 weeks? I haven't texted her either. Are we still friends?


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That doesn't necessarily mean you two aren't friends anymore. In fact, I know a guy, a close friend, who moved away and said he'd stay in contact, but I haven't heard from him in a month. That doesn't mean we aren't friends anymore. Why don't you start by texting her and see where it goes. :)

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Unique Hold
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Shouldn't I give it some more time so that it doesn't look like I want something from her or shouldn't I just wait for her to text me back? If she ever does?
Stormy-Lynn Calvert
If it were me, I'd go ahead and text her. Something like "Hey what's up?" is enough to break the ice. Especially if she is a close friend. That's what I will be doing with my friend. :)
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Text her.

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Have you ever torn one of your favorite articles of clothing? What did you do? Throw it away? Or repair it? No doubt, much depended on the extent of the damage and how much you valued the garment. If you really loved that article of clothing, you probably looked for ways to repair it. In many cases, the same is possible with a damaged friendship. Much depends on what has happened and how much you both value the friendship.

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Hey if she is a super close friend just you know text her hey like the other people but if she never had your back and always laughed at you well then don't text her or anything like that. Just delete her phone number or something.

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