What does it mean when you start texting this guy in a friendly way but after a few weeks he starts not talking or even saying hi and when we do get to talk he says he's tired and its only 8 pm?


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Lia Tan answered

That is a pretty clear (and very rude) sign that he probably doesn't really like you anymore in any way. There is a chance that maybe he's just feeling a bit off, but I doubt that so don't get your hopes up.

So instead of you chasing and going after him with all your texts, just stop doing that and see what happens. If he texts you and is like "what happened? Why aren't you texting me?" then confront him about his awful behavior and tell him why you feel that way and why you decided to stop talking to him. If nothing happens, then nothing happens. He's not all that into you and you need to move on and find better friends to be around. Because seriously, what he's doing is just rude and shallow. He's avoiding you without giving you any sort of explanation, so you're better off without someone like him anyway.

Oh yes, do you see him in real life too? If you do, feel free to confront him that way instead of through text messages. You'll have more of an effect that way because you can actually see each other and he can't hide anymore with a lame excuse.

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