What Should I Do With A Friend Who Has Cancer?


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Cancer is tough.  Fortunately, advances are being made in cancer research.  Unfortunately, that will not help your friend, and I'm truly deeply sorry for that.  I really hope that cancer, or most cancers, will be curable within my lifetime. 
But there are a lot of problems out there for people to have to deal with.  I will admit I have not given money to cancer research.  Does that make me a bad person? 
I don't think so.  There are charitable organizations for practically any diagnosis you can think of--either for the actual disease, or for the organ of the body that's involved.  I can't carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, nor do I have the finances to do so.  That doesn't mean I don't try.  I have given to the American Heart Association (heart disease is the number one cause of death in women) and to a local autism society.  I donate blood.  I donate my time and body to participate in medical research so that advances can be made in the medical field.  I donate to the Red Cross for things such as Hurricane Katrina, the Minneapolis bridge collapse, and local flood relief. 
So just because I don't donate to cancer research doesn't mean that I'm cheap, greedy, uncaring, or any of that.  Just because the rich and powerful may or may not donate to cancer research doesn't mean they're that way either.  They just have different priorities on who to help and how to go about doing that.
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My opinion that, they are a shellfish type of people who only cares about themselves and they enjoy cash too. Besides that, they enjoy to watch us, the not so rich kind to suffer.
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How about you, Chin, how much have you given to a cancer patient recently? Rich or not most religions of the world state it's not the size of the gift but the size of the sacrifice which counts in the end.
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Me?? I not that rich.. i'm still a student. i'll donate as much as i can afford. luckily in my country, most of the people are quite affordable. i've never seen any commercial about donating for the cancer patients. But one day, when i grow up, i'll help those who are in need. That i can promise you.
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This money you want the people with money to help people like your friend but they are greedy and cheap and refuse to give as much as a dime to cancer funds. Say an individual gives a million dollars to the American Cancer Society; how much of this would you think your friend would get? Not a single penny. People with cancer suffer on their own as  these charities with their hands out give not a single penny to someone suffering from cancer. ALL the money which is donated to charities is eaten up by administrative costs and some research. I've been fighting cancer for two and a half years, found out early on that there is no help of any kind for a cancer patient until they have nothing but the clothes on their back and living on the street. Makes me wonder, how much money have you given to this friend of yours?

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